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The Treehorn Express is dedicated to the cessation of Kleinist NAPLAN blanket testing in Australia.  Our recently introduced Australian schooling system is based on one introduced to a New York school district by a lawyer, Joel Klein. in 2002 and copied by Australia’s Ms. Gillard in 2009, without consultation or examination. Now, the key-stone for Australian schooling is the administration of blanket testing of some measureable items for each child every second year, in May. Upon the results, teacher, principals and schools are judged and rated.

Mr Klein, the founder, now heads the Murdoch test-publishing company worth billions!  Australian test-freaks are amongst his disciples.

Why have it? Kleinism is a New York version of fear-driven schooling which separates ‘haves’ from ‘have nots’ and opens the door for mega-bank-rolling by known curriculum vandals for control of school-based learning.

That’s why it exists. It disrespects school pupils, devalues teachers’ professionalism, forces States to prescribe school texts and teaching strategies, threatens Australia’s future and rivals the Perth Mint as a money source for the top end of town.  Why does Australia support it? Why? Money.

You have seen the current advertisements on TV – buy test-practice books – approved cheating – making a mockery of what Australia could be : – a really advanced, educated society – where love of learning and achievement is happily pursued.

__Little Treehorn and his cobbers reckon that “Adults just don’t care about school kids.”  You don’t?__



The Impacts of High Stakes Testing on School Students and their Families

The Whitlam Institute,along with its project partners, the Melbourne Graduate School of Education and the Foundation of Young Australians, is embarking on a significant,  long-term research project which examines the impacts of high stakes testing on school students and their families.

“Although much of the literature is focussed on the USA and the UK, the consistency of these finding raises legitimate questions and deep concern regarding the Australian experience.”

This review by Professor John Polesel, Ms Nicky Dulfer and Dr Malcolm Turnbull is compelling. Click above.


Education Deform as Farce

introduction to this article features an illustration of the hand of Uncle Sam over a John Doe’s mouth with large-type demands : QUIET!    KNOW YOUR PLACE.    SHUT YOUR FACE!

But; “Defenders of public education cannot be compromisers.” says the author.


Why the United States is Destroying Its Education System

This paper by Chris Hodges, posted on April 11, 2011, was hailed for its frankness; e.g. “I cannot say for certain –not with the certainty of a Bill Gates or a Mike Bloomberg who pontificate with utter certainty over a field in which they know absolutely nothing – but more and more I suspect that a major goal of the reform campaign is to make the work of a teacher so degrading and insulting that the dignified and the truly educated teachers will simply leave while they still retain a modicum of self respect. In less than a decade we have been stripped of autonomy and increasingly micromanaged.”


You know you have the time to absorb these three articles. Never, ever trust a professional person who says that they ‘don’t have the time’ to read their profession’s literature as much as they can. They can’t organise their time. They are useless….probably spending their time trying to a arrange a queue of two people. You know that it is only busy people who find time to do more. Share important time with other professionals.


Come on folks. Get off the fence. Say something to somebody who might be able to help our kids.

Parents can stop the malignant practice by telling their school that they don’t want their children to contest NAPLAN.

Politicians can stop it if a few fair-dinkum Aussie ones stand up for Aussie kids in their Parliamentary Party Room.

Principals can stop it by refusing to have their professional ethics battered any more.

Teachers can stop it by saying ‘enough is enough’. We like our kids.


 If you have 4 minutes 17 seconds to spare from your busy schedule, click on the theme song “Care for Kids” above, relax and ‘take in’ the words. Meditate. Calm your anger. Enjoy. For their sake, just say NO to NAPLAN.

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