“Treehorn was a normal every-day school boy just like any other. But then he started to shrink…so much so that he could walk upright under his bed. Nobody took any notice. Adults do that . When they send their children off to school, they prefer not to care much more about what happens there. You know it’s true because you haven’t taken much interest in the evil Naplan in Australia, nor done anything about it, have you? Treehorn learned the hard way that adults don’t care much about pre-adolescent kids. His parents, teachers and principal didn’t want to have anything to do with his condition, thinking that it would just go away. It didn’t go easily. He found his own remedy and then resolved not to tell any adults about a new condition that hit him. Florence Patty’s book The Shrinking of Treehorn reveals our haughtiness and neglect charmingly by telling Treehorn’s sad story.”

Phil Cullen

Website:  http://primaryschooling.net/

About the website:


This site is about Primary School children. As we enter the second decade of the 21st century, it becomes more and more apparent that Australian school children have very few serious  advocates  or supporters amongst teaching or parent organisations ; and are comprehensively ignored by the general public.

First-hand experiences of teaching, learning  and administering over a few decades have disposed me to explore salient issues with a  been-there-done-that attitude. My search for a design that will help those children who attend public schools in particular, has been challenging.

Enjoy yourself with the sub-sections on this site, which include many interesting articles. It’s possible to have fun, even during such deleterious times.

There will be difficulties. Educational issues are  notorious for their repetition. The bitter Standards Debate through the 1970s and the  Minimal Competency Movement through the 80s are instances. We older teachers failed miserably to teach present day politicians and their eminence grise that they were supposed to learn from history; not repeat it.

Through this website, I have worked around genotypical issues and tried to weave them into a fair-dinkum vision of primary schooling, the most important period of any person’s life of living and learning.

Yes. This is my view of things, told in an uncluttered direct manner, that comes from the past but remains pertinent for the next few decades of this 21st Century.  I hope that you can tolerate the way that I express my primary school bias. My strong belief is that it is the greatest invention that mankind has ever devised. Down-under, it has got itself into a real Aussie muck-up; but it can be fixed, using practical and genuine Aussie talent

Phil Cullen

Charles Philip [Phil] Cullen AM;  A.Ed., B.Ed.[UQ], Dip.Ed.Edmin, M.Ed.Admin (Hons) [UNE];  FACE, FACEL, FQIEL, Gold Medal ACEL;  Life Member:  CCEA, QASSP, QSPSSA, QSSSA, Bris. SSRLA;  Co-author: 4 books;  Author 1 book; Former Q’ld Director of Primary Education; Chairman:  Q’ld Day Comm, Primary Curric.Comm, Review Primary Educ’n in A.C.T. Gov’t Schools; Regional Director NQ & N.West Q’ld;  Former member:  Lismore Catholic Diocese Ed. Council,  McAuley College  [now ACU] Council,  James Cook U of NQ Council ,  Townsville CAE Council. Primary School Teacher/Principal 23 years; Regional Director & Inspector 6 years; Director 13 years.  {refer:’Who’s Who in Australia’}

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  1. i am loving this site sooooo much I will be contacting you for some advice as I lost the last email from you thank you for all the information I print things out and inform other parents cheers kathy

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