Being treehorned. School sucks.

School Sucks. It Makes Kids Stupid.

I’m so pleased that I chose the name TREEHORN as the title to the occasional papers that I used to send to like-minded friends. It’s been so prophetic.  He started life as the hero of The Shrinking of Treehorn  by Florence Parry Heide. No adult, even his closest relatives took notice of our young hero when he had a serious problem. He learned, over time, that adults are quite indifferent to the  mental, psychological and neurological welfare of kids[and no-one has taken much notice of The Treehorn Express either!…a dismal failure]. Treehorn himself learned from an early age that the oldies are quite indifferent to children and what happens to them. We can certainly confirm this! Our power leaders don’t care, our operators are timid, our politicians prefer to be nasty to children;  and so,  the population doesn’t care.

Being treehorned comes from the disrespect for children that we all show…some more than others.

A few Aussie teacher-has-beens have now spent quite a few years and tears advocating for a better deal for him and his school friends through The Treehorn Express. It hasn’t worked. A dumb idea. Caring for kids is not part of the Australian Value System.  Treehorned kids have had  no chance against the tide of corporate power, the cult of testucation, the discarding of professional ethics  and the lowdown political game that is played with Aussie children’s lives.  A few of us have tried for almost a decade now to get a fair  go for kids.  It’s been tough combating the notion that our schools should try to kill the desire to learn deliberately, through our present day system of testucation and to do whatever incompetent politicians and their reps want schools to do.  Our schools are places where the concept of child learning is unknown or ignored. Imagine it! We now send our children to politically carnked-up institutions that do not respect what teaching and learning really means and which don’t care much about the proper application of either.  These institutions now exist purely to help the greedy to profit from the mental stress of children who are being taught to dislike learning and hate particular subjects.

Our sad PM, Malcolm Turnbull can plead all he likes for the electorate to value our ‘education system’. We Aussies just don’t give a stuff about it and our adults join with him and his comrades in not caring two hoots what the long-term values of a progressive, intelligent, innovative population can be. We are way off the radar of caring about kids and their schooling and about our national future….and, according to international information, we are moving off the screen completely whereas, once, we were up there with the best. We don’t even bother to ask ourselves what happened last year. Experienced, professional practitioners will tell you in one word : NAPLAN. That’s what happened! Irrepressible, learning-lethal NAPLAN.  It KILLS LEARNING.

The Spencer Cathcart presentation ‘Why School Makes Us Stupid’  below, asks, “If schools don’t know how children learn, why do we have to send our children to them?”  and queries, “Why do adults disrespect childhood so much?”  The presentation, forwarded  by arch-crusader and former super-practitioner Bruce Jones, is provocative. It’s worth giving an hour of critical thought to….  to think about schooling and what it really means….and if Australia is getting it right.

If our education system was a learning one, we wouldn’t have to read articles like this. How did Australia get this way? What’s the solution?  Can we afford to carry on the way we do?

Malcolm should listen to the video; if he is really concerned with the education of our children.   If you should check out the larger Cathcart blog, you will find some other interesting topics in the side-band….

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Why School Makes Us Stupid

‘If you’ve ever thought school sucks, is a waste of time, or the education system is stupid, then this video is for you.’


Phil Cullen   The Treehorn Express

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