Australia’s casual indifference to the effects of mass testing on the learning progress of its school children, contains the fuel for its developing inabilities as a nation to mix with the world at large.

Presently distrustful of those who lead us, and sceptical of their abilities to lead, many believe that the standard of politics does not look like improving over the years to come…..and it may be the wrong time to crusade on behalf of kids to have NAPLAN banned. Personal animosity is at a high level just now. It is difficult, therefore,  to see any worthwhile national progress while we treat each other the way we do, too busy with party politics and low-level-personal exchanges to care for our kids and unwilling to talk about what is best for them.

Our fixation with testing is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to our national progress, ever. We need to talk about it……and, especially the effects that it has on kids’ learning….but…..will we do so in an ordered purposeful manner? Can we?

We need to start with our future, with the learning needs of the child and the construction of  a system of school education that means something.

Treehorn has long advocated that Australia needs to stop all the nonsense parts of its operations and concentrates on an Aussie style of pupilling.  “Pupilling” is not a standard part of our lexicon, but it’s meaning is obvious. We need a system where teachers can get as close to individual learners as possible and share the learning act with high levels of enthusiasm that are generated from both of them, with the sky being the limit.

What else?

We should not be inhibited in this learning pursuit by any kind of negative interference that has only been successful, to date, at maintaining a diminishing level of mediocrity. Our dwindling status on the world stage …now very obvious to the world….is being set by people, who are external to a school’s curriculum designs for their children, whose the school  knows better than anyone else on the kind of schooling required.  In other words, measurers  should stay away from schooling processes. It’s an outrageous assumption (that schools will do better if more testing takes place) being made by measurers who only know about measuring and, because of their appointed position on the hierarchical ladder, are able to keep turning tighter on the measurement screws to make children get better results….not to learn anything new…to get better results.

Surely, Australia can find a way to install a system that starts with kids.  We are upside down at present, aren’t we? We have a school curriculum, controlled by a testing regime that determines the level of learning, the learning styles and turns most of our pupils off their natural zest to improve themselves.   Schooling needs to be returned to our teachers and their pupils, to rediscover the joys of learning.  Why is it so girt?

We need a fair dinkum learning system, a system that highlights ‘pupilling’ that is not girt and choked by NAPLAN.

Please start with the attached and consider you own views of how children learn best while they are at school.


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