NAPLAN for Mummies


The future of our nation depends on our attitude towards children and their schooling



Yes. We still have NAPLAN. Why is it so? There is so much confusion about the impact of NAPLAN upon our schooling system, our  down-hill slide in the world of achievement as a result of it, our penchant for mediocre results;  and even more confusion in the various descriptions of learning…..that Treehorn was going to  call this series of articles ‘NAPLAN for dummies’ and aim it at those Labtard and Libtard section of politicians who don’t seem to know much about NAPLAN, can’t comprehend what is going on, don’t care much about kids, don’t care about its effects on them; and are unable to handle the relationship between good, firm, happy, achievement-based, self-sponsored pupilling and our nation’s prosperity and cultural future.  The concept of pupilling is beyond them. As far as schooling is concerned, our pollies – especially those who run the testucation circus – are a waste of space. They just would not know what it meant to “….pupil our way to prosperity”.

So! Treehorn decided to aim some comments at those parents who are forced to worry about what the testing program does to their children….especially the parents of those children who will be institutionalised for the first time this year. Some will  be tested  aka ‘branded’ within the first few weeks so that a rigid benchmark on their capacities can be set and so that some pretentious testucating shills will be able to check scores when the little ones confront the rigors of Year 3 NAPLAN testing  for seven-year olds in a  couple of years’ time. Sound exciting?  That’s their idea of what schooling is. Learning? Not related! Many progressive nations and alternative learning schools in Australia do not even start formal schooling until 7 years of age. The starting age for formalised schooling needs a thorough examination if ever Australia gets around to talking about its schooling system. It depends on how the system is going to handle its young people; but it is certainly over the odds to demand high stakes testing of children so young, isn’t it?

Mums and dads have been kept in the dark for too long. While democratic principles of choice should apply to schooling, Australian parents are not asked if they approve of their children being subjected to such high stakes testing from beyond the school.. Children are institutionalised, not incarcerated, despite the similarities of treatment with those in charge of corrective institutions and concentration camps. Educrats have  not been given permission by anybody to treat children as they do….in the way that  they have…….  since NAPLAN was introduced. They are very naughty people.

Australian parents have never ever been informed that the tests are NOT mandated tests. They are ‘on-top-of extra-curricular stuff’ quite unrelated to learning and not usually part of a good school’s curriculum-related evaluation-of-progress program. Keeping secret, the fact that parents can refuse to participate was a deliberately deceitful political trick……a dirty trick.  The testing is an unnecessary time-consuming addition to normal curriculum activities. Children cannot be required to take such tests….not even the Year 1 ‘diagnostic’ type . Parents  have never been told that they can say ‘no’ in the simplest of ways – just drop a short note to the school. Our deceitful government deliberately  hides this from constituents, commands its school principals to ‘keep mum’ [oops, sorry], not to mention anything about the democratic rights of choice to parents, tries to construct illegitimate”Say No” routines and make them as complicated as possible; and continues to gather endless amounts of data for no useful purpose. This distraction from the kind of learning activities that schools prefer to organise is truly enormous.  Ask a teacher. Ask the administrative staff. Data gathering in school is almost a full time occupation.  Some mums prefer that their children not be part of it and should spend the full school time learning…and enjoying it. Onya mum.

Yes, mum and dad, Treehorn is seriously recommending that you withdraw your child from any form of NAPLAN testing. Join the thousands who have already done so. Ask around.

There has also been an enormous rise in the number of Australian now enjoying the benefits of home-schooling. Why is this so?

There has also been a startling increase in the number of mums withdrawing their children from the rigours of test preparation. Why is this so?

NAPLAN FOR MUMMIES will deal with a number of topics over the next few weeks, trying to answer some of the queries that parents have; and answer their concerns; and expose the excesses to meaningful schooling. What is the real purpose of NAPLAN? What is evaluation of effort? Should plumbers repair cars? What is a pupil? Can the billions of dollars spent on this extra-curricular activity be justified? What happens to learning from the seamless routines of the regular curriculum as we get closer to the May tests?

First, here is the official view of what NAPLAN is, as presented by ACARA’s unit called NAP,  the central body of measurers, appointed to ‘do the job on kids’. It’s big time. Costs billions. Looks good.

Here’s what Treehorn says:


Best wishes, Mum.  Make sure you share this with as many others as you can.


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