Treehorn is not sesquipedalian

Treehorn comments…

Treehorn assures us that he not a flocceinaueinihillipilificatinist just because NAPLAN testing has been shown to be useless and worthless, even scataphagous, schadenfreude and emetic. It is enormously damaging to the mental health of children. While he is not hippopotomonstrosesquippedalobic, he prefers to be antipolyphrasticontranominegaloridulative, against the use of long words, and says it as it is. His recent sesquipedalian outbreak is not typical. Put more simply, he hates the stupid bloody thing.

It’s because NAPLAN is such a nasty piece of goods, and, for political/commercial reasons is taking too much time to be banned. It assaults children’s desires to learn and it teaches them to dislike school subjects that are so fundamental to their development. It does great damage. Autralia cannot tolerate the damage for too much longer. The mental health of most Australian children has been battered over the past eight years to an immeasureable degree, because of NAPLAN’S fear-based requirements.

He knows that is why parents are not asked if they give permission for their children to take the tests.The school system pretends that NAPLAN is a mandated requirement when it is not. It’s not only useless and worthless. It’s deceitful and sly. This pretence that NAPLAN is part of the school curriculum, that it is diagnostic and is mandated as part of normal school procedures is deliberately deceitful. IT IS NOT ANY OF THESE THINGS. It is useless rubbish. It can’t be trusted.

Treehorn is frustrated. Politicians spend more energy on the likes of backpackers’tax than they do on the care of their children.They’re always discombobulating.


Phil Cullen
41 Cominan Avenue
Banora Point 2486
07 5524 6443

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