Please explain….


 Please Explain….

 Australia could have the best schooling system in the world, but doesn’t want to try.

 Why doesn’t it talk about schooling ? Why does it force children to be institutionalised and then be nasty to them?  Is it some sort of mystical belief that our politicians follow …that fear and coercion as part of an all-powerful and all-encompassing testing routine really motives people to learn better?  Why does it neglect the great parts of the curriculum?

 Australia plainly wastes heaps and heaps of money on testing.  It costs billions to conduct NAPLAN testing and it knows that the program  is a total waste and is dangerous, but it is reluctant to examine the financial [and human] costs.

 Why does it waste so much on such useless junk? The damage that is being done is staggering. We persist. Why?  Where’s the benefit?  ‘Scuse me…..WHO benefits?

 Some Australians believe that scores on test are indicators of educational standards.   Please explain!

 Why can’t we discuss what happens in schools and what ‘standards’ are all about and what we  do to promote confidence in child learnings?

 Why Australia runs an ordure,  fear-based education system,  copied from one of the weakest systems of schooling in the world.

 Why  is this so?  More successful authorities concentrate on love and encouragement and interest and challenge and dignity and pupil-based evaluation techniques.  Why can’t we ?

 Why state-governments are so toady and fictile when the feds tell them how they should run their schools.

 Don’t states ‘own’ their schooling systems? Haven’t states got any school educators who can run systems as learning systems, say like Finland, that are based on pupilling, instead of testing? Must they comply so easily and just add duplicitous test clones of the worst kind of standardised blanket testing : NAPLAN?

 Why do some states want to brand children as young as 4 years of age as failures? 

They might as well tattoo “Failure” on kids’ chests straight after the Year 1 probe [2017].  The smear lasts forever, in any case.  Can’t we give the young-uns a fair crack of the whip and help them to learn?

 Why  parents are deceived into believing that NAPLAN tests are mandatory?  Few realise that they can ‘opt out’.  Please!! Tell them.

 This is unctuous fascism at work isn’t it?  After nine long years, the freedom of choice has yet to be announced or mentioned in the public arena.  Schools are forbidden to announce that children have a choice. The media seems to be forbidden as well.

 Why so many quality young teachers are leaving the work force, feeling degraded by the expectations and the demands of testucating charlatans?

 When will Australian teachers be allowed to teach properly again?   When will their ethical principles be realised?

 Why teachers, who were once the leaders in the caring professions and respected for their ethical and  prodigious output, have lost their mensch and are now regarded as feeble flunkies,  ethically weak at the knees doing what any ‘hired political gun’ wants them to do.

 Is it because it’s now just a job?  Maybe, one day they will stick up for themselves.  In the meantime the pressure on them from the obscurant  ‘friends of NAPLAN’, hired to prevent the spread of knowledge,  is scary.  After all, our cohort consists of those amongst the best in the world. Let them teach properly.

 Australia wants to prevent its young from learning as much as can be learned and to enjoy the experience.   PLEASE  EXPLAIN!

 Australia persists with a standardised,  mediocre schooling system, maintained for questionable purposes when the sky is the limit.



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