What is music?

 Hello from Treehorn…

 Music is a school subject that is one of the first to be scrapped while any kind of test-preparation is in hand. It’s not important according to Naplanists and testucators.

That’s one of the great traditions of the Australian testucation system.

Music folk don’t agree…..


  Would you like to be human? 

 Remember Postmann and Weingartners’ Vaccination Theory of Education  about subjects that exist in complete isolation from each other, especially at upper levels of schooling:

  ‘English is not like history and history is not science and science is not art and art is not music and art and music are minor subjects and a subject is something you ‘take’ and when you have taken it, you have ‘had it’ and if you have ‘had it’, you are immune and need not take it again.’?

 ….and Australian NAPLAN is a specialty that replaces major subjects. Only subjects that can be tested in NAPLAN tests are important subjects because value-judgments can be made only about  NAPLAN results. Nothing else that a school does is more  important. The methods used to impart NAPLAN bits are in inverse proportion to their significance to the learning process; but children will get a good job if they have ‘done good’ at NAPLAN.

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