Neo-Liberalism in Control

 Neo-liberalism is rooted in the fiction that those people with the most money know more about the control of society than anybody else does. Their views on the control of society’s political, religious, education  and economical welfare are superior to all other views because they are rich and successful in businesses that exist for profit.  Disciples of renewed Adam Smith economics, big business should be free to exploit their particular interests with minimal restrictions.  Their superior position on the social ladder means that they know more than most; and governments should do as they are told.

A kind of laissez-faire conservatism, its philosophy controls the western world .

 Such notions as ‘liberal’ are meant to imply that there is no need to control what the rich want to do.  The word has no philosophical nor political base that applies to humanitarianism. Put simply, it applauds the antics of  ‘wild’ society  routines and uses the ‘domesticated’ (Carlson).  Humans can be purchased; and once the status quo, according to Hayek and Friedman, has been established, there should be no questioning.  Free-traders, their exploits should be allowed to prevail in all matters.  Donald Trump and Clive Palmer and Rupert Murdoch know what they are doing no matter what they do.

 Neo-liberals have firm beliefs in privatisation.  Governments run some services with a humanitarian core that can be better used for profit.  Schools and hospitals, tollways, electricity, banking, railroads are some examples. Rules and regulations that impede profit-making in these sectors should be abolished. The counterfeit aura of sharing the wealth is their fanciful catch-cry; but the poor ’… still have children’.

The market rules.  They prefer situations where the poor find their own solutions to their health and educations. If they don’t survive, they are lazy or illiterate or both……or controlled by unions.

 Prime amongst their exertion of management techniques is their use of their power to reward and punish. They can easily buy advice and hard labour and lobbyists and politicians and political parties.  They can purchase the best in each of these fields.  They pay well and they usually get what they want. When they overstep the mark they flop badly and leave a mess. Clive seems to have; and Donald is about to.

 Unfortunately, such people drain the humanity out of social enterprises like schooling and medical services, even politicking.  The concept of Care has lost its meaning in too many  institutions where neo-liberals now have control. Sadly, they have been able to round-up the more gullible in various caring professions  and use them as disciples. Witness the school testing industry. It has removed the humanity from schooling and has seriously flopped in its own intentions. Never mind. Neo-liberalism and its patron saint Rupert will prevail and  will force his will on us, on our media and our parliamentary representatives. Neo-libs will continue to treat our children, in particular, as expendable items, whose time as children does not last long and can be used for purposes other than intended while they are institutionalised, unable to exert the free will that they share with their parents. …unable to learn with any open gusto.

 As Mexican authors Martinez and Garcia  conclude: “The beneficiaries of neo-liberalism are a minority of the world’s people. For the vast majority it brings even more suffering than before.”

 We are conscious of the control of neo-liberalism on the politics of the Labor and Coalition political parties in Australia. Its efforts in the education services have been monumental failures, but they will persist. Onwards ever onwards to privatisation!  Unions and professional organisations are powerless. First step, Independent Public [aka Charter] Schools and the loan of groups of needy schools to private enterprise; the continuance of coercive management and kleinism ( test-frightened children) ; the denigration of the work force and the disrespect for  curriculum standards; the playing of managerialist ‘square pegs’ games.  Humanity has no real meaning. 

 Neo-liberalism is here to stay…..busily exploiting educational and other services.

 Social consciousness is a forgotten ethic.

Phil Cullen  41 Cominan Avenue  Banora Point  Australia 2486  0              

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