NAPLAN-type tests for graduating teachers.


Australian Graduating Teachers Take Tests

 We are going to test graduating teachers using NAPLAN style of testing in literacy and numeracy that the system itself promised to impart to one and all.

 Come off  it, Birmingham, Hattie,  ACER,  ACEL,  ACE,  AEU,  APPA,  ACPPA,   ASPA.

 Where are our professional standards ?

 What is going on?


How childish can we get?

 Amongst the plethora of associations, councils and groups pretending to be guardians of our schools and other educational institutions, is there an Australian Council for Professional Ethics in Education?    There is an obvious need for the thorough examination of political innovations such as these tests and of any standardised blanket tests and of their effects, well before they are introduced. Present day easy compliance with crude, sudden declarations of political quirks is not the mark of professional ethics nor of political wisdom nor of concern for our country’s future nor of ethical protection of its children.  It seriously demeans the profession to which one claims to be a member.

 Such petty approaches are unworthy of us.  Can’t Australian think big?  This kind of denigration of the teaching profession by the testing mafia is counter-productive.  Teachers in Finland start with a Masters degree and recent school reforms indicate that more of what they do in  schools is appropriate, wheras more of the same in the USA – THE KIND OF COERCIVE MENTALITY THAT AUSTRALIA CONTINUES TO COPY – can be disastrous. Don’t we know where to go? Please read this comment by an American academic located in Finland….

 Serious professional teachers need to be heard for the sake of Australian children.

 If there was such a council, it would be a busy one.

 What is stopping us from discussing professional ethics, how children learn, how schooling helps children to learn, the role of teachers in the classroom?  We could come up with a system that would out-Finn the Finns.

 Australian schooling has run off the rails.


Phil Cullen  41 Cominan Avenue  Banora Point  Australia 2486              

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