It’s NAPLAN Review Time


    Care for Kids

Treehorn Everychild was the hero of a book by Florence Parry Heide: The Shrinking of Treehorn. When he was severely afflicted, worried and puzzled, the adults closest to him – parents, bus-driver, teacher, principal – preferred to ignore him. They had other things to do. The conclusion to the book is dramatic. He had lost faith in all adults. Then, when his skin started to turn a violent green, he had adjudged by then that adults don’t care about school kids in particular …..and the book concludes : “Treehorn sighed. ‘I don’t think I’ll tell anyone.’ he thought to himself. “If I don’t say anything, they won’t notice.’” 

Do you know how your child feels at NAPLAN time?  Do you care?


 Is it working? Do schools need it ? What is it for? Does its use make sense? Does it make a positive difference? Do kids enjoy it? Who’s running it? Who asked for it ? Why? Was it a good idea? What set of teachig/learning tenets was it based on? Why is it called after Joel Klein from New York?  Is it diagnostic?  Really ?  How?

Is it meant to cause so much stress?  Why it is disliked by the majority of Australian adults and school pupils; and still exist?

 Messy, isn’t it?

 Who controls its operations….sends out the orders ? Is this democratic? Who makes sure that investigative journalism is not taken too far or not allowed?

Why try to make ‘opting-out’ so difficult? Did parents get a choice of whether the school is allowed to do this to their children?

It is a competition,so why not get Swisse Pharmeceutical Company, Kip McGraths Education Centres, Pearson Education ,NewsCorp. and other profit-making ventures to fund it? How much is it costing the Australian taxpayer? Do we get our money’s worth?

 With the spirit of  true olympian competitiveness should we award medals?.. “Medals before morals”.


 While you are thinking about these and a million other questions, just click here and sing along…

 One day, we will…… for kids, that is.


Phil Cullen  41 Cominan Avenue  Banora Point  Australia 2486  0              
 Let’s think 


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