Which party cares about kids.

Aussie Friends of Treehorn

protecting school children from nasty excesses

 Which Party Really

Cares About Kids?

Who dares mention ‘NAPLAN’?

Those of us who follow the electioneering stunts with approbation or despair, will have noticed that no political party nor any candidate has mentioned NAPLAN.  There’s a chance that they may not know much about it, because of their total disinterest in children at school and their disrespect for their feelings..

 NAPLAN is a low-down money-making test costing taxpayers about $100 million per year and a third of a year’s learning time, and it has failed miserably. It has caused comparative  test results to decline at a rapid rate. No politician, it seems, has noticed its effects on schooling or the economy or Australia’s place in the world of scholarship..

For some reason NAPLAN [‘Not a word to Bessie.’]continues to be applied to Years 3,5,7,9. and we can be assured that the decline will continue, because that is the kind of test it is. It only persuades kids to dislike the essential subjects of schooling, to dislike their teachers and their school, to become bullies and to be stressed or sick, with some contemplating suicide; so Australia’s  school drop-out rate is amongst the highest in world. Do our pollies care?  No mention of the banning of this Public Enemy No.1.  It’s doing more damage to our children and to our economic future than anything else one can think of. We seem to be too busy talking about Muslims and Gonski and NDN and stadia and reefs, all of minor importance by comparison. The education community rants about Gonski…..and it is very important… but it will have little effect on children’s learning  while NAPLAN maintains such a presence. First things first.

 Indeed, our politicians seem to have this fascist bent to use totalitarian management devices to maintain a testing industry that benefits more big guys off-shore than locals. Some child-abusers want to introduce a testing regime now into YEAR ONE !!  This crazed idea was introduced with the budget. The idea is to find out how well parents have done teaching the basics, so that testucators will have a starting point when the kids reach the next testable level at Year 3 [for the present].  If the scores don’t improve, out comes the big stick, and teachers are punished through their pay packet, as meagre as it is. That’s EDUCATION AUSTRALIA.

 Such a scheme has nothing to do with learning, nothing to do with schooling, nothing to do with teaching. It’s cold and ruthless and useless, but the crazed testucators don’t seem to know too much about motivation, professionalism, administration, management or leadership. Neither do they like kids and teachers.

 Mums and dads can make a difference through the ballot box, soon.

 VOTING  Sadly, many Australians have traded in their franchise and joined political parties or only vote ‘one way’ no matter what the major issue. They relax in the comfort of their party’s prejudices and have no need to think seriously. It’s the remainder who have to be convinced that the banning of NAPLAN is a serious political issue. They elect the decision-makers. Treehorn has tried since the time that NAPLAN was introduced to have it banned… to no avail.  This section of the voting pubic, the one that should have the greatest interest in child welfare, seems to be the most gullible and  those who say that they love kids or have occupations that are supposed to help them  wont do anything to ease their plight.  Those who claim membership of the teaching profession but ignore the code of conduct that applies to their special field of endeavour, were captured early in NAPLAN history. Big business is much better at controlling the indolent and sycophantic than others are. Our school principals, newspaper editors, journalists, community leaders were a piece of cake. They were gagged and remain so. They were all easily bought, remain captured and relaxed.  Australia will sink even lower in international economic development while such groups maintain their lassitude.

 Treehorn and his school companions don’t have much chance, do they ? Australia will just keep sliding down the PISA pole while our kids and our country are denied an exciting future.

Ah well.  An informal vote is as helpful as any other. Kids don’t have a candidate they can rely on.

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http://kelleyandcullen.net/      http://qldprimaryprincipals.wordpress.com/      http://primaryschooling.net/

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