What provokes your thinking?


Aussie Friends of Treehorn
protecting school children from nasty excesses of the greedy and misguided.
What is your stimulous ?
What provokes your thinking?
I confess to listening to speakers who know what is going on  and who challenge any evil in it.
Here are two notable speakers to whom one cannot tire of listening………
If a parent asked me to explain what is going on at the present time, I’d strongly recommend their listening to these two special people over and over and over…..
Sir Ken Robinson
Pasi Sahlberg
Then, if a determined enquirer has more time to listen, the mixed humour and pathos of the effects of Standardised blanket testing, presented by https://www.google.com.au/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=DjQfV_3pO87u8wfRupzgBA&gws_rd=ssl#q=john+oliver+standardized+testing , a brilliant skit by John Oliver, is something else.
And a look-back at past issues of Treehorn Express will not be wasted….. https://treehornexpress.wordpress.com/
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