Dear Political Candidate

 The letter below has been sent to a number of politicians of all political persuasions.  The reactions should be interesting
Dear political candidate,
The greedy School Testing Industry [aka Kleinism] relies on the apathy of the press towards the plight of children who are forced to undertake NAPLAN testing in our schools to maintain its predominance. Such tests are having a severe effect on the mental health of our children and they are certainly not achieving [according to OECD statistics] as well as they used to do. We are the only country in the western world going backwards, according to the most recent OECD tests.
If you care about children and you want to increase your votes by adding those of concerned parents and quality teachers to your tally, you will advocate for the banning of NAPLAN.
You will appreciate that a country that does not look after its children in a fair and open manner, is a sick one.
Here is a summary of the Australian Education System. You might like to familiarise yourself with any aspect of it. The veracity of each statement cannot be doubted.
Features of Australian Schooling
* Children are introduced to the rigours of heavy-duty testing at five years of age.(new)
* Fear-based test preparation occupies one-third of every school year for Years 3,5,7,9.
* Parents are not given the choice of a “Yes” or “No” sign-on to test participation.
* School principals do not inform parents of their right of choice prior to test-time.
* School leavers will undertake minimal competency tests of literacy and numeracy in their final year.(new)
* An holistic curriculum is undertaken only by home-schoolers.
* Teachers are punished if their pupils do not perform well at tests held in MAY each year.(new)
As an issue that affects the future of Australia, NAPLAN Testing is as big as it gets. It is of far greater importance than Global Warming, Border issues, Tax reform, Negative Gearing  and other pro tem election issues.
For further information please talk to a teacher of Years 3,5,7,9 whom you know or check
Contact Phil Cullen 07 5524 6443 or 0407865999 or if you wish; or check

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