Who’s for kids?

Aussie Friends of Treehorn
protecting school children from nasty excesses of the greedy and misguided
Who’s for Kids?
Here’s an interesting list. You can check to see how interested in schooling and in NAPLAN [The greatest threat to Australia’s welfare, since the Japanese]your present representative is.   It says a lot.
Let’s now see how concerned about school children’s welfare they have been; and how likely they are to be interested between now and the election.
What did your federal representative do?
Click on a name
Which ones care about the damage to kids and have something t say about NAPLAN?
It’s worth checking to see who cares about kids at school.
Which party seems to dominate in the ‘care for kids’ business in the classroom…..all kids….all classrooms….no matter where they go to  school?
Below is the copy of a letter that I have sent  to Richmond’s four candidates. I live in the electorate.  There are four parties represented : National, One Nation,  Labor, Green. One of these has already shown complete indifference. More later
Dear Candidate for Richmond, Federal election for 2016,
I am one of your possible constituents and I am also one of a large number of educators who are opposed to the use of NAPLAN testing in Australian schools.
I write, daily at present, for what is called The Treehorn Express, in an effort to have the testing programs cancelled.  You will have seen it if you take an interest in primary schooling. I plan to write an article about the attitudes of political candidates towards NAPLAN issues. 
I am assuming that you know the history of the introduction of these standardised blanket tests and that you have an attitude towards their use.  Our anti-NAPLAN crusade is based on our concern for
[a] The nasty way that children are treated in the administration of the test. It is a form of  emotional child abuse.
[b] The serious impact that the tests have on schooling by extensively  narrowing the school curriculum;
[c] The negative impact that the tests have on the attitudes of children towards certain subjects [notably Maths and Science] and towards schooling itself.
[d] The continuing impact of NAPLAN by its self-generating lowering of standards of Australia’s economic culture.
[e] The denial of choice for parents.
I have searched for comments that you and/or your party might have made about NAPLAN and its effects. While your party has probably had something to say about money for education, Gonski. privatisation, proposed changes and general standards, I have yet to notice any specific comments that you or your party have made about the greatest threat to our country’s economic progress ever perpetrated  in this country.  
You may have different ideas and opinions from those listed above, of course.  Would you be prepared to express them or even state plainly that you were in favour of NAPLAN testing… or opposed to it ….or indifferent to the controversy.
Thank you in anticipation of an early reply.
Phil Cullen
Treehorn Express 
41 Cominan Avenue
Banora Point 2486
07 5524 6443
PARENTS’  RALLY –  Southbank, BRISBANE –  1 JUNE – 11.30 a.m.
Show ‘THEM’ that you are serious about your child’s schooling.

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