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protecting school children from nasty excesses of the greedy and misguided


They need our serious consideration

What are trying to do to our kids?

Can I withdraw my child from the tests? I have a ‘philosophical objection’ (See “Withdrawals” below]. Yes. Indeed.  I hate the rotten things; Amen.

Below is an extract from ACARA’s attack on parental rights…..the sort of rules that Gradgrind would insist upon….trying to remove as many parental  rights as possible.  They are removed without remorse or feeling or compassion for child welfare.  We need to consider what these testucratic bullies are doing to us and our children. NAPLAN represents political bullying of the worst totalitarian kind.

No recognition of parents’ rights. Parents not even asked if they approve of high stakes testing for their children.

The ‘bull’ is highlighted in red in the ACARA documentation below. Please pause and think when you come to something in red.

Parents can and should ignore any references to testucating expectations and the demand that a formal application must be received in time (Para 1). That is absolute rubbish.  Australia is a democracy and such demands [reminiscent of totalitarian states] are out of place. The Rule of Law applies to school children even though they are at school. ACARA is ordering children to submit to the torture of fear and emotional upset caused by standardised blanket testing. We all know that such intrusions into the curriculum cause gross emotional upset and a dislike for certain subjects [e.g. Maths & Science] and a general dislike for schooling itself.


You will note that ACARA  says that NAPLAN tests are “a part of school routine”.   RUBBISH.    SHEER UNADULTERATED RUBBISH.  Until NAPLAN took over the curriculum and school time tables, all schools had their own forms of Learning, Evaluation and Reporting programs. NAPLAN is an insulting one-off intrusive attack on all respectable, professional, home-grown school evaluation programs. It just took over.  In 2008, it instituted a monstrous disruption to teaching and learning by political fiat, that is now seriously affecting school operations and our children’s educational welfare….and the country’s future.


All in all, the amount of valuable learning time that is consumed by NAPLAN nonsense for months each year is frightening. It’s far too much….

and there have been no positive results……on the contrary……only diminishing test scores and a battered curriculum.


“While participation by all students is expected, students may be withdrawn from the testing program by their parent/carer. This is a matter for consideration by individual parents/carers. Withdrawals are intended to address issues such as religious beliefs and philosophical objections to testing. A formal application in the manner specified for each state or territory must be received by the principal prior to the testing. Your principal can provide further information about the withdrawal process. For more information, see Student participation.




Exemptions may be granted for students with a language background other than English or for students with a disability. In both cases, schools need to discuss the proposed exemption with the student’s parent/carer and gain their permission prior to the testing period.

English language proficiency: Students with a language background other than English who arrived from overseas and have been attending school for less than a year before the test may be exempted. However, these students are not automatically exempt and should be given the opportunity to participate in testing. Principals can expect information from test administration authorities on the preferred method for collecting and recording this information. Students may be exempt from one test (e.g. reading) but still be able to participate in another test (e.g. numeracy).

Students with disability: Adjustments are provided to students with disability to support access to the tests and encourage maximum participation.  Students with significant intellectual disability and/or those with significant co-existing conditions which severely limit their capacity to participate in the tests may be exempted from sitting the national tests. This is determined after consultation has occurred between the principal and the relevant parent/carer, and if it is decided the student is not able to access the tests with adjustments. For more information on the types of adjustments available, see the section on Adjustments for students with disability.


NAPLAN tests are a routine part of the school calendar. However students may be withdrawn from the testing program by their parent/carer if there are religious beliefs or philosophical objections to testing. This is a matter for consideration by individual parents/carers in consultation with their child’s school. A formal application in the manner specified by the relevant test administration authority (TAA) must be received by the principal prior to the testing.


Students are considered absent for test purposes in the following instances:

  • They did not sit the tests because they were not present at school when the test was administered.
  • They were unable to sit the test as a result of an accident or mishap.
  • They were at school but were too ill to partic


Principals are encouraged to enable the participation of students who were absent on the day of the test but who return to school within the week scheduled for NAPLAN testing.”

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Have a peep at the attachment from John Oliver.


Why do we tolerate it?


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