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The NAPLAN way

Read it more carefully this time and give it to as many Mums and Dads as you possibly can

A few straight words for the spineless….

If some vile creature made its way into our classrooms, and threatened the 7 year-olds like these little fellas represented above, so much, that they cried and felt cowered and helpless, we’d either destroy the menace or contact the police.

If we welcomed such a monstrosity in human form into our classroom, physically  even helped  ‘it’ by arranging the scene for intense discomfort and distress for very young children;  and then told the children  that  this culmination of the heavy-duty test-prep of the previous months, was important, and their deep-seated emotional wounds didn’t matter; and that they should just have to shut up and do as they were told  in order to supply rickety information required by our Government …and if we, as ethical professionals, didn’t do anything about it, then it is we who are the ones who should be assaulted or reported to the police.  Right?

Let’s be blunt……

NAPLAN is a dirty, cowardly form of child abuse. It leaves deep permanent scars on almost every child’s mental condition  that will certainly last a lifetime.   Can’t you see this, you useless excuses for educators, you twisted testucrats?   You and your colourless organisations that won’t even say ‘boo’ or raise your voice for kids,  should not be allowed anywhere near a school. You adopt an arrogant,  contemptuous, ego-centric colonial attitude to parents, teachers and children.  The crippled emotions, depression and damaged social attitudes that results from all NAPLAN tests, can and probably will have very serious consequences for every Australian child in later life……all because some cowardly clot like you meek, anti-educational data-gathers  for your greedy bosses, treats kids badly.

That’s what we do to children in schools in Australia.  The medical profession does not do this.  It stands up for kids……like the scalded child whom they wouldn’t release from hospital in Brisbane because a return to its hostile environment on Manus Island would not be good for him. Only one child , but the significance of the medical profession’s stance is profound. It cares for kids.

As proud members of what was once the greatest of the caring professions, we teachers should care ten times as much.  Teaching in a real democracy is the noblest of professions. Not in ours.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every single teacher was so emotionally concerned about professional ethics that it adopted a real caring attitude to children….and protected them from further harm ? We can’t expect teachers to be lone heroes in such a  crazy, chaotic climate.  What do their so-called professional associations do? What do we do to alert our associations?

At the present time, our silence has helped to turn every single school in Australia into a hostile environment for kids for three days every May. The school becomes a torture chamber.  The atmosphere of the school is held in ‘CAUTION’ – SERIOUS STUFF IS GOING ON mode.  It is thoroughly shameful behaviour, worthy of three days incarceration in the same place for every one who has anything to do with testing procedures…..from the postman, principal, teacher, janitor and certainly, the minister.  They set up a ghastly atmosphere, sit kids down in complete silence and make them mark useless dots on scraps of paper for three long days. Talk about ‘hostile environments’ ! Talk about ‘child abuse’ !

Why don’t we consider the plight of our young-uns with the same kind of compassion that medicos do?  What’s wrong with us?


Let’s imagine the scene in a large Australian school on May 10, 2016 and the compulsory actions of teachers.  The children are seated at desks  in a very clinical, threatening environment  – a dull school hall, with bare walls. No talk. No singing or whistling. No smiling. No winking. The teacher is not allowed to respond to any appeal for help.[ Have you ever looked into the eyes of a child, pleading only with their eyes to their loving teacher for help;  and then, be coldly ignored? Not easy on the teacher or the pupil. ]  The atmosphere is tense. There’s always tears [some from the teachers],  but the invigilators, those guards hired to watch out for non-approved behaviour, and the supervising teachers dare not relax nor offer comfort to those obviously distressed. All eichmannized supervisors have been issued their instructions!   Heil!  Try to imagine it. Mum and Dad. It’s your child there.   May 10 is the first of three frightening days. Pretend you are 7 or 8 years old in Year 3.   You can cut the tense, anxious, hostile, nasty atmosphere in the test-room with a knife.  Parents can stop this shocking nonsense, by the way, just by ‘opting out’.  Allow your child to go to schools for some learning arranged by real teachers instead.

Can really ethical teachers apply not to indulge in NAPLAN test-preparation as a professionally conscience objection? What would happen if they did?

Those sensitive children, many of whom have just turned seven years-of-age and who have already been damaged emotionally  during the test-prep period and who cry or vomit or both or are obviously distressed must not be treated humanely, according to test instructions.  Verboten!

test_cartoonIt’s a nasty business and disgustingly abusive to children.  Yes  Three days of intense child abuse. Shouldn’t the police be contacted?

The treatment being inflicted on the child is cruel and somebody has to take responsibility.

The evil geniuses behind the maintenance of this kind of cruelty, the politicians and their political parties, not only allow this kind of cruelty to be used in their schools, they encourage it. Ask any politician or political party if they approve of NAPLAN and if they will discuss their attitude openly. Usually, they have nothing to say. They’ve been ‘spoken to’.  They’ll say that they have heard some teachers complain about it; and then dismiss it. These jelly-spined, depraved ‘representatives’  play their nasty games at children’s expense and they know that such totalitarian-based abuse is happening around the country. They won’t do anything. Cowards.

I’m looking for some human being to vote for, aren’t you?

You cannot find a political party at the present time who will even comment on NAPLAN.  Brutish dingoes. May every politician of the present era who keeps quiet about this scandal,  lose his or her seat and perks…..unless they reform and advocate NAPLAN banning. It’s evil and inhumane but they just don’t seem to  give a damn. It’s much worse than the cane or the strap, familiar to many politicians who must have enjoyed it when they were at school.

This dirty, rotten, destructive, inhumane testing device has to go. The longer it continues, the more it threatens Australia’s future. Politicians! For children’s sake, wake up!

We can lead the world of education in almost everything, if you will only wake up to yourselves.

While parents who allow their children to endure this kind of callous torture, do not speak out or withdraw their children in larger numbers, they have an excuse.  The cowardly government does not want parents to know that they can say ‘NO’, so they have passed the buck to school principals who are not allowed to release publically  this information and are discouraged from discussing issues of choice or issues concerning NAPLAN in the open. Their philosophical leader is known as Adolf Eichmann. Docile, compliant Principals will always do as they are told and shut up .  There are a few beauties, but they are very lonely.

THIS PRINCIPAL WANTS TO SPEAK OUT.  His Union and his ‘professional’ organisation provided the tape and tied his hands.

Our pollies can  play really dirty with our children’s lives…..They feel confident because almost  all NAPLAN operatives in leadership positions  are so docile and compliant.

Try calling in on your local politician’s office and ask for a copy of their party’s view of NAPLAN.  I have. Two. Labor & National at Tweed Heads. No politicians, only workers. Nice people. No opinion.  No decent policy nor opinion on classroom learning. Bare. Just the usual claptrap, that ignores any serious issues, adorns the walls.

Try asking your candidate why children are forced to go to school.  Why do we compel attendance? If they included the word ‘learning’ in their response, then ask what NAPLAN has to do with anything related to learning.

You will have noticed that Julia has re-entered the cess-pit with indulgent congratulations to herself and News_of_day_10_480wher Klein system.

From deep beneath the bozone layer, which, defined by the Washington Post Mensa Invitational as

“The thickness that prevents wisdom from penetrating the intellect of those people who don’t know what they are talking about”, she even speaks NAPLANese!  Jump, teachers,  as you were forced to do in 2008. She is about to say or make sure that her     co-neo-con Simon Birmingham says it for her! JUMP TEACHERS! On command! She’s been our cloistered ‘senior fellow’ of NAPLAN since she left the mess to us, hiding somewhere, ready to pounce.  She will have noticed how we have slipped down to 14th place on the PISA totem pole, thanks to her and her Yankee cobber. She thought that ‘fear’ would work on kids and teachers and we’d be back again to a top-five spot by 25 through its intense use. Thanks to her cock-eyed ideas, we are now in the backward class, heading for the bottom ‘5 by 25’

We can still become the greatest ever if our politicians wake up this year.

First steps first. NAPLAN OUT.


 Phil Cullen  41 Cominan Avenue  Banora Point  Australia 2486              
07 5524 6443          0407865999

proud to crusade for kids

looking for a party to vote for


One thought on “Cowards’ Way

  1. Another Phil Cullen article. What to do now? Where to go from here? Who to talk to? Is a website enough? How to get this message out?That school has taken a wrong turn. Only 20 people have read the free sample of my ebook.(‘School is Stupid’ at Smashwords) I have sent it to many people in government., media. No bites. I’m flummoxed.

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