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School Education
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Could be. There are some healthy indications that some of our political parties might start thinking that the standards of learning in our schools could have something to do with our future as a nation…. not the standard of testing…the standard of LEARNING….and that NAPLAN is holding us back.  While each of the major parties has supported NAPLAN testing as if it was of use, or allowed it just to have its way with the curriculum without question, there’s a chance that some election candidates might speak-up in their party rooms to discuss the effects that it has had on the learning processes in Australian schools. It’s been a big mistake as any thinking candidate will know.
Even our testucrats are losing faith in its usefulness as a motivator of learning. [Slipping down to 14th on the latest PISA totem pole and heading further down, has not been good news for them.  To add to the indignity, such results were predicted by Australian kids’ crusaders, years ago]
The contest between the Libs and the Labs at the moment is so close at present, that if either of these parties promises to ban NAPLAN….maybe leave the announcement until about May 1….it would certainly be a winner. That’s for sure. 
A lot will depend on the level of media attention in the meantime; and  whether editors of newspapers, CEOs of TV news and elite journalists feel they have sufficient autonomy to reveal what happens to kids after experiencing the curriculum horrors of NAPLAN and during test-prep.  The Murdoch and Fairfax chain and ABC TV can hardly be called ‘kids’ supporters’.  Their early support for NAPLAN and the controlled silence since, has been noted.
If the heads of News Ltd. and Fairfax in particular,  feel that they have autonomy, do they pass this along to their education sub-editors and elite commentators? 
If they did, NAPLAN is dead. Its impact on school learning just cannot be ignored as they have been up to the present.
The standards of learning in Australian schools has to improve.  
Kids have to like learning and not be so limited in their learning.
The credo of NAPLAN that mediocre is good enough has to be dismissed from the Australian psyche. 
 The questioning by parents about the enormous emotional and educational drain on their children for three long days in May has had a lot to do with the recent positive reaction from the media. The thousands of parents withdrawing their children from the testing regime is making commentators considers their words.
Which political party will be the first? While timing is important…. if both major parties decide to ban NAPLAN….. being first will be crucial.   Just getting rid of it, is what matters to all parties.
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