Hi kids. Keep the faith.

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encouraging adults to think sensitively, to care for kids, to make wise choices….with their hearts in gear, their pens active and their votes available.

AGAIN – Hi Kids

Your future and your country’s future is in the hands of a group of politicians to whom we adults will give the right to decide on important matters….. some time later this year. Sometimes these ‘representatives’  get things out of focus…..and we, too often,  just ‘let things be’ without a murmur. We did that with your school education a few years ago.  Sorry.  Maybe we can straighten things out this year.

There is a serious need in Australia to put the future of schooling at the top of the list as an election issue…..far above GST, Republic, Climate Change, States’ Taxes, Women’s Issues, Barrier Reef, Afghanistan….everything else. 

NAPLAN, now becoming dangerously embedded in our learning culture, is as big a threat to our future as any physical one. People, who should know better, are even using its name as if it had some use!  Ye Gods!  That’s sad.  It must go….and it must go soon…. before it inflicts any more damage. Its riddance should precede any kind of Gonski changes. Gonski changes the shape and financial arrangements of the system, long overdue, but NAPLAN will continue no matter what the shape, especially if greedy corporations and misguided data-miners, to whom ignorant politicians outsourced our system of schooling in 2008, continue to have their way.  It should be a co-ordinated ‘Out with NAPLAN; In with GONSKI”  election campaign. NAPLAN to go asap.

GO Kids. One day! One day, hopefully, a start will be made while you are still at school….no matter what kind of school you attend.  Hopefully, Australian children will have the chance to learn everything they want to learn; and to be happy.  They will learn to laugh and to play and to have fun and achieve at a level never heard of before; and to evaluate their own progress as they go through learning experiences with a quality [non-testucating] teacher in every classroom.  

Fear of failure, the operative basis for our present system of schooling, will be replaced by the joy of learning, the thrill of achieving and having the kind of fun that learning brings with it.  

Pupils! Your zest for knowledge will be insatiable; and so it should be.  You’ll ignore the cynics, the despicable data gatherers and the naplan huggers. The world is yours and your teachers will help you to make the most of it, once it goes. Your school will be an attractive place of learning,  attractive in the sense that it will be full of learning ‘goodies’ and you will be drawn to the magic of learning as a magnet attracts iron filings. You will prefer to be in your classroom, learning from what is in there, than in any other place.  It will not be anything like this assembly-line testing factory of Kleinsian provenience, preferred by our present-day Australian politicians and testocrats.Your needs will be the curriculum. It will be about you. You will be the centre of curriculum attention. …………………NOT test results!  YOU.

It’s possible. It’s more than highly  probable once schooling is returned to teachers. It’s a certainty. You can see it, feel it, in some schools now. Their attitude alone is keeping the system reasonably upright during this terrible crisis and educational tomfoolery.  They should determine whether NAPLAN is of any use…..not some distant, foreign measurer who knows nought about the classroom. We were once on the way to some wonderful holistic schooling opportunities……THEN… our ignorant politicians of the time outsourced  schooling to ACARA and to very greedy people, Murdoch, Klein, Gates and Pearson!!

Teachers of  Australia unite!  Bring learning back to the classroom.  The best way to do it is to tell your parents that they don’t have to submit their children  to the ridiculous NAPLAN tests!  Bring standardised blanket testing to a halt by refusing to participate. Then get back to your beloved job : teaching kids how to learn.

It’s …….

Time for wise politicians to take over and give schooling back to schoolies. Right?

LET’s find some candidates who put children and our future above party politics and put the banning of NAPLAN high on the priority list.

Any takers? For more information, please contact me…..

 Phil Cullen  41 Cominan Avenue  Banora Point  Australia 2486   cphilcullen@bigpond.com             http://primaryschooling.net/                     http://qldprimaryprincipals.wordpress.com/
07 5524 6443          07 5524 6443  

proud to be sticking up for kids.


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