Teachers as Interchangeable widgets.


Aussie Friends of Treehorn

protecting school children from nasty excesses of the greedy and misguided

Teachers as Interchangeable Widgets

“They are just there to implement prefabricated knowledge.”

“One of the world’s most influential education experts, Andreas Schiecher, has criticised the Australian Education System for falling behind global standards.” at the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai. [Sydney Morning Herald P.2 16/03/16]

He was using the PISA results [as ACARA and other testucators do, to make this judgement]. “Last year, Australia ranked 14th behind Poland, Germany and Vietnam….

Mr. Schleicher said Australia’s emphasis on having teachers in front of a class over their professional development was an area that needed addressing.”

It has to be explained to the world-at-large that….

Australia is that quarry down under that does not care about kids and does not allow teachers to use their teaching abilities nor discuss learning issues. That is our present reputation on the world stage.  Mr. S says that…”We treat teachers as interchangeable widgets on the frontline – they are just there to implement prefabricated knowledge.”

PISA is a Parisian unreliable test of randomly selected 15 year-olds that ACARA, [Julia Gillard’s agent for becoming ‘5 by 25’ on the PISA tests], uses to judge the quality of educational services. It’s a world-stage version of NAPLAN.

NAPLAN is that annual killer of educational dreams, held each May in Australia, whose scores are used by the ignorant and misguided to judge school quality.

A Widget is a small component with limited functionality that can be installed and manipulated with ease.

Treehorn suggests that we give back teaching to the teachers, ban NAPLAN and encourage love of learning instead of hate; and hold an enormous talk-fest about ‘SCHOOLING’ since Australia does not understand its meaning yet.

In Australia we should give back schooling to the states together with the money spent on NAPLAN and any other wasted dollars. The Feds. just can’t handle schooling issues.

The game of skittles would be just as useful as NAPLAN and PISA tests. Record individual, school and state scores; then have an international survey of randomly selected schools; and then use the scores to make judgements about anything at all.

Bring on skittles and let the teachers get on with their job.

 Phil Cullen  41 Cominan Avenue  Banora Point  Australia 2486    
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