Keep the faith, Kids.

Aussie Friends of Treehorn

encouraging adults to think sensitively, to care for kids, to make wise choices….with their hearts in gear, their pens active and their votes available.

Hi Kids

You know more than most how sick our Aussie-Klein system of schooling is. The messages from the recent My School scoring publicity are clear. It’s getting sicker. Some rely on an absurd scoring device to judge learning capacity and merit !

Kids. One day! One day! Hopefully a start will be made while you are still at school. All Australian children will have the chance to learn everything they want to learn; and to be happy. They will learn to laugh and play and dance and achieve at a level never heard of before; and to evaluate their own progress as they go through learning experiences with a quality [not testucating] teacher in every classroom. Fear of failure, the operative basis for our present system of schooling, will be replaced by the joy of learning, the thrill of achieving and having the sort of fun that learning brings with it.

You will learn that being a pupil means that you will always be seeking to learn something from someone, who joins in the magic of it all with you.

Pupils! Your zest for knowledge will be insatiable. You’ll ignore the cynics, despicable data gatherers and naplan huggers. The world is yours and your teachers will help you to make the most of it. Your school will be an attractive place of learning, attractive in the sense that it will be full of learning ‘goodies’ and you will be drawn to its magic of learning as a magnet attracts iron filings. You will prefer to be in your classroom, learning from what is in there, than in any other place. It will not be anything like this assembly-line testing factory of Kleinsian provenience, preferred by our present-day politicians and testocrats. Your needs will be the curriculum. It will be about you. You, as a sensitive human being, will be the centre of curriculum attention.

Neighbourhood schools will be places of learning and fun for all the community to share learnings with you. Everybody will be a learner and everybody a teacher.

This is not an airy-fairy vision.

It’s possible. It’s probable once schooling is returned to teachers. You can see it, feel it, in some schools now. We were once on the way to such wonderful holistic schooling opportunities……THEN….ignorant politicians outsourced schooling to ACARA and the BCA and to Murdoch, Klein, Gates and Pearson!
Time for wise politicians to take over and give schooling back to schoolies. Right?

Phil Cullen 41 Cominan Avenue Banora Point Australia 2486 07 5524 6443
07 5524 6443 0407865999

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