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From under the big ACARA canvas today, it was announced : “According to ACARA’s methodology, hundred of schools across the country demonstrated substantial growth in NAPLAN scores when compared with previous years, schools with similar students based on the Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage [ICSEA} and other students with similar NAPLAN average score starting points” [Sydney Morning Herald, 9-03-16, P.10]
At a cost of millions of tax-payer dollars, parental dollars on medical fees, tutoring fees and vitamins as well as the other costs to society at large and the impact on cognitive development and mental health of young growing children,  ACARA measurement experts claim gains in NAPLAN scores, “worthy of acknowledgement.”  
Duly acknowledged.
In another section of the same Sydney Morning Herald [P.17], results of an at-least equally significant contrast were published – about a four-wash test: “ Two were run with underwear starting the right way around. Altogether 40 pairs of underpants agreed to participate. ….20 came out the same way as loaded, 18 didn’t and two could have gone either way depending on a flick of the wrist. The way they went in made no difference.” 
Both studies are worthy of acknowledgement.
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