What’s important about 2016 and NAPLAN?

Please make sure that every political candidate sees this.

Aussie Friends of Treehorn

encouraging adults to think sensitively, to care for kids, to make wise choices….with their hearts in gear, their pens active and their votes available.

NAPLAN has nothing to do with learning. It has nothing to do with teaching. It has nothing to do with real schooling. It has to do with finding fault and making money. It’s an ineffective, unreliable and invalid device that makes the most of young children’s vulnerability and it deliberately threatens their cognitive development and emotional stability.

Do the Lib-Lab. and Green Parties know this?

Just because politicians don’t like kids, there’s no need for them to be as nasty and crafty as they have been for the last eight years..

Treehorn – 2016 – NAPLAN

You might be wondering what Treehorn is up-to during 2016.  Here we are

2016 is CRUNCH-TIME. NAPLAN has to go. This year!  Its existence is indefensible. It ruins teaching. It ruins learning. It ruins Gonski. It causes bullying and school hate. It is useless. It is all of the above. It was Not asked for. It wasn’t needed. It was forced labour. Why Australia persists with it can best be answered by Rupert Murdoch and his data-junkies in the Business Council of Australia which controls the silly sorts of things that our pollies tend to do.    If you support NAPLAN, you’re a political waster. Just because you don’t like kids and don’t worry about how they feel, there has been no need for the excesses and abuse that you have imposed on them and kept going with, even though you know of the enormous harm that NAPLAN has caused…you Lib-Lab neo-cons. 

This has to be  the year to tidy up the mess.

Treehorn is looking for a political party ….any one whose members believe in democracy…. to adopt the motto : “Ban NAPLAN” and encourage the millions of mums and dads, teachers, political and educational observers to grasp the nettle;  and vote for that party despite previous allegiances or job requirements [e.g.working for a News Ltd. newspaper or teaching in a test-fixated school]

Here’s the policy statement from the NZ Labour Party :

  •  Scrap National Standards testing and return schools’ focus back to teaching the full breadth of New Zealand’s Internationally acclaimed curriculum.
  •  Redirect resources spent forcing ‘National Standards’ on schools into teacher professional development programmes to assist children who are underachieving.
  •   We will repeal charter school legislation and no more charter schools will be created under Labour.

While our Politicians try to look like stunned mullets when asked, “What is happening to NAPLAN ?”, there needs to be a determined call to them to get rid of it.

It’s a tough call. Political allegiances are part of the DNA of some voters. Even those with hearts of gold, who love kids dearly and weep at the way that they are being treated in schools by Naplanners, who can see that the country’s future can only continue to deteriorate the longer that such fear-based schooling exists, who know that bullying will keep increasing at an alarming rate, who think seriously about their vote and – when they get to the ballot box in the classroom of the local school or wherever – don’t desert these mature, thought-based feelings;  and vote for the party that have always voted for.  It happens. Let’s try to minimise the chance that numbers of those party-faithfuls who allow the vision of the future to disappear too easily at the ballot box,  will vote for child freedom to learn.

The issue of NAPLAN-use needs Vital Discussion.

While schooling remains under the control of the triangular neo-con. political coalition of Labor-BCA-Liberal, the education climate reflects the neo-conservative ideologies of those in charge and of the parties that enforce such changes to the status quo. So, we are stuck with schools operating under a neo-conservative ideological regime..

NAPLAN is an enemy of child-welfare but not enough adults care.  It’s an immoral, abusive, destructive,  useless and alien form of schooling, that is not to the credit of those who support it or the control systems that they use to condone their views. Naplanners mandated its use in schools in 2008 without any consultations with parents or teachers or principals. Many casual observers now  think that it is  ‘just one of those things that children are required to do in schools.’ What’s the problem?    Democratic educational rights are the problem. There is none.

So, while it seems a waste of time to try to convince those whose belief system is owned by one party, Treehorn wants to keep trying. Not all adults can be so uncaring. The swinging voter, as usual, should be the target. It is the group that puts a party in power.  Thoughtless party faithfuls are  waste paper….as a rule.  They have a neo-religious commitment to follow their party. Their belief system is an outcome of family, church and collegial indoctrination during their social development. 

We need to get them thinking.

Treehorn is trying to convince all political candidates, including rusted-on party faithfuls to make loud noises in the party meetings to try to persuade their party to develop a child welfare policy. No party has endorsed such an autonomous candidate yet.

Thinking adults will have to pretend that the candidates are made of knotty granite and need a lot of work to make an impression. It can be done.

So Treehorn wants to see….

  1. Intelligent political candidates include “Ban NAPLAN” on their political statements.
  2. Intelligent political candidates  force their party to include “Ban NAPLAN” on their political statements.

There will be lobbies that want to  treat  it with put offs …..

[a] Maybe publish the fact that children do not have to contest NAPLAN. Parents can just say ‘No.’ at any time in any manner. Nothing else.

 [b] Call for a review by every-day classroom personnel on what is happening as a consequence of its introduction. 

Great ideas. Too much time wasted. We know that NAPLAN sinks.

If NAPLAN is banned asap, there will not be a need for any delaying tactics.

The anguish, the child stress, the bed-wetting, the bullying, the self-harm, the vomiting, the crying, all directly caused by NAPLAN testing, will disappear and schools can get on with teaching and learning.

It’s 2016, a chance for democratic politicians to prove themselves.

2016 – the year that Australian reinvented itself

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