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Aussie Friends of Treehorn

NAPLAN the Evil

Australians are wonderful people. We are generous, helpful and kind to a superlative degree.  We respect authority and ritual and hold the world title for  followship.It has been part of our DNA since Governor Phillips was in full control…..from the very first day of our British-dominated history. We depended on him and believed in him and what he represented. Beloved of British glory, pomp and circumstance, we have been often described as ‘more British than the British’ in our customs and cultural pursuits. Until WW2, that is. Then we became hybrid North Atlantic followers, part-Brit, part-Yank, nothing  of our own; with very little of the unique, fair-dinkum, antipodean, self-regulating individuality with a penchant for innovation that we claim to possess. We do skite about our uniqueness, but…..when told to jump by either of them, we give the appropriate responses…..without thinking. We are THE ultimate in followship……the great maintainers of British and American mediocrity.

We reported for battle in all parts of the world as requested by our national superiors. We obediently reported for duty during the Boer War, the Boxer Rebellion, WW1, Russian Revolution, WW2, Korea, Malaya, Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq again, and again. Indeed,  Mark Dapin, author of The Nashos’ War  saw this as the major reason for our participation in the undeclared war in Vietnam [1955-75]. There’s a part of us all around the world in places that have never had anything to do with us. We have seldom wasted time examining the causes or the consequences of whatever our PM wanted. Our PMs tend to be very, very obedient and compliant themselves to all orders from Great Britain and the United States and the news controllers [NY based] in particular;   and we  follow them, blindly.  We Aussies are now seen by world leaders as being very helpful, very obedient, easily pushed around, and nice people. We are known to be that way in almost every known field of endeavour.

Seen as the 51st American State, Australia is now getting much better at humble followship of things American, especially where education activities are concerned. Both products of the same structural, mediaeval, British Grammar-school model we tend to copy British and American traditions as closely as possible, because they are bigger than we are….and….like them….we tend  to overdose on treating children badly.   The adjustments that U.S.A. makes to the common British schooling heritage of “Instruct, Test, Fix” are never philosophically far from the original British tenet.   It is little wonder, then,  that Australian school politico-leaders invented a  nasty mechanical device called Naplan to service the New York test publishing system, since that is what many fellow American states were doing. Our blind leaders didn’t bother to think about its effects on national progress nor the evil damage to children’s cognitive development. ‘NAPLAN’ and ‘Evil’ are consubstantial terms, each of the same essence. Sad leader Julia, anxious to listen to her American hosts, at the time, could not handle ‘proper’ education as a concept. Her followers [Chris Pyne, Simon Birmingham and some Australian state ministers]  still can’t. Motivation, as an American concept, was based on fear, rather than on confidence; on high scoring  based on cheating and manipulation rather than on  incremental success and love for learning.

DcOcHUvThe introduction of U.S.-style testucation in 2009 was a monumental blunder. We should have stopped and thought.  U.S. use of Standardised Blanket Testing per se is the biggest cash cow ever for some big US businesses. It’s enormous, but some Aussies don’t believe that. It started in N.Y. In our unfortunate ignorance, the only excuse is that we can say, as Eichmann [photo] did, “I did as I was told. I followed. No thinking needed.”

Eichmann, in this photo, is where he belongs. There is plenty of room for NAPLAN advocates and operators. They all deserve each other.

NAPLAN will remain a major contamination of our future success as a nation, while we maintain  our penchant for unexamined eichmann-style  followship in regard to schooling. It seems now that we find it difficult to challenge the whims of our super-peculiar politicians. in whom the educators of Australia have placed so much trust, so we don’t try. Kautauing [acting in an obsequious manner]to others is now an embedded Aussie trait. One day, perhaps, it will be replaced by innovative initiative. One day.

Our penchant for extreme followship means that Australian schooling, in keeping with our prevailing bi-partisan political ideology, can be properly described….

  • Australian schooling is firmly under the control  of corporate managers and their academic number crunchers;;
  • politicians and leader-educators don’t care at all  about children’s mental health;
  • school leaders do not understand much about ‘schooling’ nor ‘school-learning’ per se;
  • school principals and parents are conditioned to ignore the extreme mental stresses of NAPLAN preparation;
  • millions of Australian children are learning to dislike mathematics, science and aspects of literacy development;
  • the loss of a learning sparkle is a dangerous thing.
  • damage repair is now part of an Australian teacher’s armoury;
  • Australian children themselves prefer to be challenged by the learning act in preference to being bullied by it.
  • we don’t really know what to do.

This above all : Australian teachers are amongst the best in the world.  They are also helpful, compliant, timid people who prefer to kautau to their leaders without complaint.  Sadly, they know that their pupils are suffering, but they feel too powerless to do anything about it. Their only alternative is to share things with their parents….to be open and fair about the whole NAPLAN story….why we have it….what it does….tell them that the wisest choice is for all parents to ‘opt out’. Let the school get back to LEARNING.

NAPLAN is presently preparing for the 2016 abuse of children.  Its complicit, halag*schools [homes of backward galahs] are getting ready. Poor Years 2,4,6,8 kids of 2015.

[I have Just heard of a State Pre-School that has held a Graduation Ceremony. It has issued ‘Achievement Awards’ for good scores in tests of the NAPLAN kind. One wonders if the  ‘average’ kids at this pre-school  who didn’t do well on the tests,  will be allowed to go to  the primary school!!! Just imagine little 4-6 year-olds doing this sort of thing at pre-school …… ]

How crazy can schooling get?  The school and anyone who countenances this  sort of behaviour should be sued for cruelty to children., shouldn’t they?  WHO DARES SUE?

Can’t you see that the NAPLAN assault on children’s cognitive welfare and development is amongst the worst kinds of child abuse?  Can’t you?

Can’t you see what’s wrong with it? Will the State Department that controls the place, sue or close down places like this ?

Phil Cullen 41 Cominan Avenue Banora Point Australia 2486 
07 5524 6443 
*halags’ – backward galahs.

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