Naplan the wombat.

Aussie Friends of Treehorn

encouraging adults to think sensitively, to care for kids, to make wise choices….with their hearts in gear, their pens active and their votes available .

Naplan the Wombat.

Naplan is a large ugly wombat who lives in the dark scrub close to the big flash base of one the most important persons in Australia.

This VIP, called The Monster of Testucation, allows Naplan to live there as he wants the ugly wombat to scare the children who attend nearby public schools.
He doesn’t want the children to learn too much.
They will only become a nuisance when they are older.

Australian children should try to model themselves on the behaviour of their parliamentary representatives : not think and be nasty to children and schools.

Naplan is good at his job.
He has been well trained. He doesn’t like children. He likes to see them grovel and cry and vomit. He enjoys it.
He was found in a foreign land of blind and nasty people, where his owner was in charge.
The wombat had been taken there by this Aussie ex-pat. and was trained by a local ghoul who had destroyed at least one large education system in that country.
Naplan was then brought back to Australia on a broomstick driven by a colourful pollie to breed and spread contagion.

The pretty pollie was the greatest bully ever.
She ordered her lovers and admirers and political followers to allow ugly wombats to take over all school activities everywhere.
They were frightened of her, so they did as they were bid; were captured for years and years; then stockholmed forever……many of them, anyhow.
Some can see daylight.

Naplan the Wombat has done his job well.
Aussie teachers are not allowed to guide our nation’s school kids intelligently.
Nor do Australian children wish to learn much about words and numbers, any more. Yuk stuff. Drugs and footy and fun are better.
They don’t like school as much as they should anyhow; and Australia’s future is not too bright.
Naplan is the most dangerous wombat ever….. waste of money, brains and time.

NAPLAN, in truth, has been an abject failure as far as schooling is concerned. It has taught a generation of Australians to hate school. It has narrowed the curriculum disastrously and it continues to target teachers’ honourable efforts and professionalism.

It has set the stage for rich paydays for publishing corporations, testucators and private schools. The claim that we need high stakes tests is preposterous. We need them like a hole in the head.

I have yet to meet a teacher who likes NAPLAN. Many Stockholm-captured employees have given way to it, but even they are uncertain.

We need to re-introduce LEARNING into schools.

We should talk more about it…..but…….It’s about as easy to get groups of fair-dinkum educators together to talk about learning in schools as it is to get honest politicians together to discuss political donations.

Do you know anyone – anyone – who believes that NAPLAN has any genuine merit? The closer one gets to a classroom, the greater the condemnation of NAPLAN. It has cost millions and millions of dollars more than any other radical alteration in our history of schooling. It has destroyed talent and enterprise for millions and millions of Australians.

It is, assuredly, a Waste Of  Money, Brains And Time….. a W O M B A T

why2082What is wrong with us?


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