The Stupidities are over for the year. NAPLAN is code for Kleinism.

NAPLAN is code for Kleinism – fear-based gathering of useless data.

We all know that. We all know that the fear element is the reason for its dismal failure in 2015. It has been confirmed.

High-stakes testing has had plenty of air-play during the past two weeks. It  has big problems, hasn’t it? It has been shown to be a prismatic waste of time, money and effort, no matter what direction you look at it from. It’s a great big lemon and does no credit to our national views on schooling. We have certainly learned that…….

The mental welfare of children has been ignored for another year and permanent damage to the cognitive development and the learning attitude of these natural learners have been a feature of the debacle.   In mental health circles, it’s called CHILD ABUSE.  It’s a rotten business.

Rest children. The stupidities are over for this year. Ignore the results. They don’t mean a thing nor are of any use to anyone. Hostilities will resume early next year, unless we can stop the nonsense. Years 2,4,6,8 pupils!… to your Mum and Dad about it. Talk to your teachers. Try to prevent the torture from ever being used to abuse your mental welfare ever again! Let’s all talk to each other about NAPLAN. Adults included.

Australia does not have an integrity unit to examine big ticket reforms, so we are now stuck with some peculiar innovations over the recent years e.g. charter schools,  direct instruction, kleinism, naplan prep and high stakes testing.

The social malaise might now give adults the opportunity to talk about real schooling as well….Why doesn’t Australia use the kind that encourages life-learning, social happiness, community health, wealth and progress….the kind that treats its young children like human beings, the kind that is clearly aimed at national progress on all fronts.

[Note:  Did you read the most recent TIME magazine article headed : SMART IS A NATION THAT SPARKS COUNTLESS POSSIBILITIES ? It started with the sentence : “Singapore is a nation that embraces cutting edge technology to live better lives. …Singapore is building a Smart Nation with countless possibilities.”?  Proper schooling matters]

Clearly,  NAPLAN testing has not done anything for anybody, except for those who profit from the testing routines and paraphanalia. We can learn from the experience of 2015.

We can, for instance, all ask ourselves some questions about the purpose of public schooling.

Why do we go to school????…surely it’s because learning is a natural act and schools are meant to help us grow up properly, learning-keen, using our natural talents,  and in accordance with what our parents desire. Since NAPLAN now controls schooling in Australia, its efficacy needs some thought. It’s impact over the years has been devestating.  That much was proven last week. It’s a flop.  Parents have been duped….especially those who thought that the tests were obligatory or useful to the learning act; and those who believed that high-stakes threats increase enthusiasm for personal learning.

Literacy and Numeracy are essential skills . We study  LAN, not to get a decent score on a useless kind of test, but because we are members of the human race.  We need to love LiteracyAndNumeracy in their widest dimensions; but napLAN sucks the humanity out of life and out of Literacy and Numeracy and denies comfortable access to the rest of the curriculum. The score-crazy National Assessment Program, with its insistence on mediocrity as clearly demonstrated this year, has no place whatsoever in Australian schooling. ACARA and its organisational allies just don’t seem to know how to assess properly; and ignore the value of teacher-pupil shared evaluation for high results.

Australia can do a helluva lot better without NAPLAN. It’s now been proven conclusively that it’s failed.  Every single Australian child deserves better. It WILL occur despite laissez-faire adult attention.


          Phil Cullen  41 Cominan Avenue  Banora Point  Australia 2486  07 5524 6443              

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