Why NAPLAN is failing our kids

From newscom.au:

“EARLIER this week it was revealed that since NAPLAN was introduced in Australia in 2008 student achievement has stalled. Educators around the country cried in unison, wondering where it all went wrong.

How has throwing $100 million at standardised testing not improved results? They despaired. Or more accurately, they shook their heads at the information that was of absolutely no surprise to them and got on with doing their jobs.”


“David Hornsby has spent almost 50 years in education, teaching all years of primary school, working in the Ministry of Education and lecturing at various universities, and says the money being thrown at NAPLAN could be spent much better elsewhere in order to benefit our kids. “You can’t improve education by not investing in it,” he says.

“You don’t fatten the pig by weighing it, you fatten it by feeding it. By investing all of this money in assessment rather than education, of course things aren’t improving.”’

Read the full article here: Why NAPLAN is failing our kids


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