Bad Ass Teachers

Treehorn:           Why can’t we kids have a test-free, pupil-centred, achievement-oriented, holistic-learning-based-curriculum?
Testucator:    Australia has established a profit-based, stress-laden, teacher-squirming, unreliable test program, thanks to Murdoch & Klein piled on top of our 1880’s exam-based system  We won’t change it. We aren’t allowed.
Treehorn: Why can’t you replace tension with challenge, fear with encouragement, ritual with creativity, teacher-bashing with professionalism, subject-hate with love-of-learning, time-wasting-tests with shared  evaluation
Testucator          None of your business. You do as you are told.

Bad Ass Teachers

As crude as the tile seems, this is an organisation that has gained a level of respectability in the United States well above that that teachers’ unions and professional organisations enjoy. It consists of thousands of stalwart True Believers in children’s freedom to learn as opposed to the Data Miners, operating on behalf of publishing corporations, whose main task is to use children as inhuman objects from which [not ‘whom’] information, as inaccurate as it is, can be obtained.  The Data Miners use a cocktail of tests, not unlike Australia’s NAPLAN tests, to measure only those bits of a school syllabus that can be measured. As in Australia no respect whatsoever is shown to the young testees nor their parents. Parents are deliberately mushroomed.

BAT teachers have combined with other teacher-parent organisations in their attempts to persuade their legislators that they should nor acquiesce to the wishes of dominant publishing and testing companies as carelessly as they have. They have joined with Save Our Schools [SOS], a north American equivalent of Australia and New Zealands’  “Save Our Schools” .  and United Opt Out Associations [UOO], both powerful teacher-parent organisations committed to freeing children from the choking of their cognitive abilities by the political command over the curriculum. UOO is a particularly powerful organisation whose Mum and Dads in most states have persuaded millions of parents not to allow their children to do the tests.  These three groups : B.A.T    S.O.S  and  UOO are a formidable alliance that Obama and Co cannot ignore.

One day.

The BAT organisation is explicit in its present drive to eliminate the kind of testing that forces teachers to abuse children for some months of the year.  Individuals are prepared to stand up and be counted as educational ‘Frackmen’ and women of the public teaching service as you witnessed recently in The Treehorn Express at  Have another look

As Duci says. “Australian political parties and their personally-chosen bureaucrats insist that mums and dads forfeit the welfare of their children for 12 years so that they can be treated in any way they like for the benefit of political sponsors.”

Bad Ass Teachers provides an array of hard hitting messages that all True Believers and Mums and Dads will appreciate. For instance…


















Phil Cullen   41 Cominan Avenue  Banora Point  Australia 2486                     07 5524 6443

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