Captain Tony’s connections.

Aussie Friends of Treehorn

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Will the politician who takes Captain Tony’s place for the next few NAPLAN years, have the same connections?

When it comes to schooling, will we schoolies tie our apron strings to him or her as tightly as we have done to Julia, Kevin, John and Tony in the past?

Will Bill Shorten or Scott Morrison or whoever it is as PM, just keep going …..keep denying our children their basic human rights and access to holistic learnacy because they are required to do so??

WHAT ELSE…if left to pollies ? They’ve taken over a profession they know little to nothing about.

Even though, it has been conclusively shown that Murdoch and Klein are the major beneficiaries of NAPLAN Testing…
that they are in supreme command…
and that….

  1. NAPLAN is a nasty form of child abuse;
  2. NAPLAN wastes millions and millions of dollars each year. It does nothing of use;
  3. NAPLAN is conducted by totalitarian force and the creation of fear in the classroom;
  4. Even on the simple NAPLAN measureables, Australia is falling behind.

it still continues. May 11-13 are the dates for the next round of damaging, cerebral child torture.

It’s up to our Mums and Dads to say ‘NO’ — “WE OPT OUT”—“NOW!” They are the only ones who can.

50,000 have said NO during the past twelve months. The kids need every parent before the message sinks in, it seems.

Only about 50 school days to go from today to the monstrous tests. Sweat and stress starts about now.

50 days of butchery of our kids’ cognitive domain coming up. There is little hope of our killer-diller lawyer, Jesuit-product C.P. having an Abraham moment if he still has the job.

As a parent, it’s up to us to stop the rot.

We can stop the slaughter, just by saying NO before the torture starts. NOW! THIS WEEK! Our kids deserve to be taught, not subjected to constant NAPLAN water-boarding kind of practice for the next ten weeks, can we?.




Phil Cullen 41 Cominan Avenue Banora Point Australia 2486 07 5524 6443
Read about what some Principals have done in their own time: 

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