Australian schools’ patron saint.

The Treehorn Express


Joel Klein – Patron Saint of Australian Schooling
The Emperor’s Representative

The inspiration, designer, motivator and founder of the ideas and techniques adopted by Australia’s NAPLAN regime.

For the office wall of those who approve of the NAPLAN way of life, especially those schools and organisations who continue with it. Your community should know what your founder looks like.


Treehorn: Why can’t we kids have a pupil-centred, achievement-oriented, shared-evaluation as part of the learning process, holistic-learning-based-curriculum? Why? Why?Why?

Testucator: We adhere to the profit-based, stress-laden, teacher-squirming, unreliable test program, thanks to Murdoch & Klein. We won’t change it. We tell you what to do.
Treehorn: Why can’t you replace tension with challenge, fear with encouragement, ritual with creativity, teacher-bashing with professionalism, subject-hate with love-of-learning, time-wasting-tests with shared-evaluation ?

A testucator is a pretend schoolie who is unable to apply the theories and practices of learning. Ignorant of the ability to share positive evaluation of children’s learning, they ignore children’s human rights to healthy cognitive development.and just badger them with tests from time to time for political purposes..


Phil Cullen 41 Cominan Avenue Banora Point Australia 2486 07 5524 6443

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