2. Thinking About NAPLAN ?

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2. Thinking About NAPLAN ?

Is it a budget concern or isn’t it ?

I have been told once or twice, that the former Labor Party government left an enormous debt and a financial mess and that measures continue to be undertaken to straighten out the economy.

Am I being taken for a ride ? NAPLAN, the most extreme, useless, dangerous and most expensive alteration to schooling in Australia’s history, costing thousands of millions of dollars is still in place.!!

As a swinging voter, I’m really sick of listening to political upstarts with forked tongues, talking about financial crises while our government carelessly throws millions away on ridiculously evil projects like NAPLAN, a recognised instrument of child abuse. This kind of rhetoric doesn’t attract my vote under any circumstances.

Yes. The coalition government continues to throw education money around as if it was unlimited and, yet, keeps blaming the Labor Party for over-spending. At the same time, Joe is right. Labor started NAPLAN and developed the massively expensive, stupid and extremist curriculum intrusion with the help of a NY lawyster. [sometimes called a ‘shyster]. It was a siegheil event that would have been worthy of the any extreme neoliberal on the planet. Labor’s semantic-mind-controlling druids easily captured the Libs, whose educational ideology [ ‘Only fear produces results’] is parallel; and they kept up the spending of millions and millions on the useless Klein con. when they got into power. Suckers.

Now, all parties, with gross disregard for kids’ emotional and cognitive development, want to appear tough and domineering; and to appear to be doing something by demanding high test scores, while they have no idea of the mess that they are creating. They demand that teachers abuse children’s mental health on their behalf so that they can claim a party achievement. The March-April period has become, traditionally, the government-approved ANXIETY-STRESS CREATION months in schools….about to start for the 2015 testucation season…..out come the NAPLAN practice books in newsagents, the fish-oil and other supposed ‘performance-enhancing’ products in chemists shops, up go enrolments in test-tutoring businesses, with a dramatic increase in homework, practice, practice, practice, and so on and so on.

The Greens, traditionally, sit on the fence hurling a missive or two; and occasionally calling for a Senate Inquiry which they organise with consummate skills to do nothing whatsoever. They can always say, they tried. With astute care, an inquiry never asks for the cost of NAPLAN. It takes too much time to gather the figures. It’s a bother. Kids continue to be anxious and distressed, because no known Australian politician – Labor, Lib.,Green or PuP gives a damn.. They play with the evil import as if taxpayers money was endless and the Treasury just don’t care about a few hundred million .

Budget problems ? Bullshit, Joe. Can’t be…

What can be done without losing face? Well, our Captain left us assured us that ABC Radio and Television [that contrary left-wing organisation] was examined and was severely pruned as a consequence of a thorough assessment. Why not? A serious audit, it took a couple of weeks. The PM has indicated that an “Annual Funding Reductor” was applied to the ABC as is usual for all federal government authorities. It seems that the auditors used an “Efficiency Dividend Measure” to evaluate activities that might be pruned. Both assessment instruments are not commonly known to the taxpaying layman, but they seem to be able to be used to effect, swiftly and successfully. Why not apply them to NAPLAN? Something has to be done in a hurry. The coffers are bleeding.

NAPLAN can easily become a major election issue if any of the opposition parties have an interest in kids. Our country deserves better, after all. Whichever party promotes the banning of NAPLAN is surely on a winner. Parents are awakening. While those in organisations have been ‘client captured’, the great mass of independent, worried ‘moms’ are exerting their will: “My child will NOT do NAPLAN.” and the numbers, according to recent research are increasing by the thousands. God bless such concerned mums.

When will we see these ABC kind of performance indicators applied to NAPLAN ? It’s a blood sucking form of extremism, attached to an existing schooling enterprise…….so it can be removed with ease and will not be missed. Its elimination will save millions and millions of dollars. With diligence, the banning can be done and dusted by May 2015, when the next set of victims are due for the torture chambers. It will only need a money-cost audit. On humanity issues, the damage is too obvious.

What is its real cost, indeed….of ANCARA, state and federal publishing and administrative costs, regional organisation in money terms? Nobody seems to know, nor care; and various senate and other inquiries have shown no interest in knowing.

Why not ask your local member to raise the issue in the party room? What does NAPLAN and alliedWhy%202[2] gimmickry cost in money terms ?
It certainly costs the earth in psychological damage and general human misery. WHY?

Then there’s Gonski, one day set to Guide Our Nation’s School Kids Intelligently. [Attached]


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http://primaryschooling.net       http://qldprimaryprincipals.wordpress.com

Gonski social equity


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