Treehorn is back.

Treehorn: What’s wrong with child-centred, achievement-focussed, holistic primary schooling ? Why can’t we have it?
Tesucator  [Pyne, Gillard, Klein etc.] :- What’s wrong with fear-based, tension-building, teacher-squirming, subject-hate schooling?  We’ve got it.  We like it.

The Treehorn Express
Treehorn is the hero of a children’s book called The Shrinking of Treehorn by Florence Parry Heidi. It’s about a small boy with enormous problems, who remained totally ignored by all adults, including his parents, teachers and principal during an important period in his life. Like all young school pupils, he came to learn that adults don’t take much notice of school kids, no matter how dire the circumstances. Children are left on their own to survive, despite the stress that  some very cruel adults impose on them – like the operators and users of NAPLAN the Wombat tests. The Shrinking of Treehorn is a powerful story with a morally-stunning conclusion.
Treehorn Everychild is Back
Although some would think that we anti-Naplanners, anti-N.Z. ‘Standards’ and anti-NCLB would be black and blue in parts from the battering by those adult psycho-metricating DRBs who, apparently, despise kids and who believe that inhumane, rigorous, high stakes testing makes children learn things when they try to pass their peculiar tightly-scripted,  number-based tests, and, as well, even more stupidly, also believe that their kind of testing is the only way of diagnosing kids’ problems……
but note …This ‘Care-For-Kids’ Treehorn group does not give in easily. Every child abused, like Treehorn, can now be heartened by the news that  increasing numbers of parents, well and truly mushroomed until now,  are becoming more and more disgusted by the stories of abuse and mental cruelty that children must tolerate, and  are saying “NO to NAPLAN”; and statistics are showing that the NAPLAN experiment, based on really cock-eyed principles of learning,  has been a waste of money, brains and time.   Yes!
This is the year of saying NO by those mums who genuinely care about the learning welfare of their children. 
Of course, there are three other kinds:-  1.the tiger-mums whose self-esteem is determined by their children’s scores [and try coaching, stimulants, rewards, anything];  2. parents who are ‘sucked into the fear factor’ [‘didn’t do me any harm’] and 3. those who just ‘go with the flow’.  They’re all a worry.
Really. Australian children don’t have to do the NAPLAN tests if they [through their parents] don’t want to.
The Kleinist pollies and flunkies  have come a gutsa….a big gutsa. Their tests are proving destructive as is being shown by their effects on the curriculum, the sickness of children, the Am I failing... or is it the test?concern, disgust  and anguish of teachers, the questioning by parents and by reliable research, the most recent comprehensive study supplied by Trevor Cobbold in January…. extremely revealing. This research has been ignored by our psycho-metric leadership. Too hot to handle! Those state and federal pollies with their own school age children should be ashamed that they have done nothing through their party rooms to rid Australia of the pestilence.  They need to be held to account at every opportunity.
The real ‘care for kids’ mums are reacting.
The ‘Wake-up-Australia’ Cobbold study should have front-paged every single newspaper in Australia last week. It’s explosive! What happened to it, do you think?  Beheaded by the metricated curriculum terrorists…for sure!
You know how such important information is usually closed down and hidden, don’t you? As is generally known……for the worst of reasons, profit-based reasons, big-business-flunkies and sick politicians want the tests to continue, even though the continuance is totally irrational, destructive and dangerous to child health…and is just plain crazy and useless as well. We all know it. The research shows it  BUT. They plan to  spend millions more…. in times of financial crisis indeed …. on its extension only because they can’t admit to making a big mistake in starting the chaos in the first place and continuing with it.  Pollies in power believe that they are always right…. Gillard, Pyne, and their ilk.
NAPLAN is truly a Wombat : A Waste OMoney, Brains And Time for ordinary Aussie taxpayers…….but…….. a monumentally successful business venture for others.
The power to decide whether to continue with NAPLAN the Wombat,  relies more than ever  on  parents. IF they say ‘NO’, i’s gone. School Principals with ethical principles, could have terminated it early in the piece, but they were captured, then corralled, then controlled; and now just do as they are told. Maybe they’ll return to the real world of learning this year.  Eichmannism has certainly become a pandemic condition for testucators in schools over the past few years, but the times are now changing.  With revived professional confidence,  they are sure to  join, now,  with their parents and feel enriched by their combined efforts. The Treehorns of Australia certainly hope that this happens.
Its been a long haul for Treehorn and his friends in various good-guy organisations around the countryside, who have tried to fight the good fight since 2008. Each must feel something like the old Jew in the story that Fitz told [SMH, 20/12/14]about Barbara Walters, a journalist who visited Jerusalem in 1991. She interviewed an old man who visited the Wailing Wall three times a day to pray,. He had done so for the previous 85 years.
“At Dawn”, he told her, “I pray for world peace. At Noon, I pray for peace in the Middle East. At Dusk, I pray for all the people in all the world to be nice to each other, and stop hating.
“And what does that feel like,” Walters asked, “having done all that for all those decades?”
The old man looked her straight in the eye and said, “ Like I’m talking to a f___ing wall.”
Yep. Sometimes, it does.
Never mind. We kid-lovers are back, praying, pleading, begging, sticking to the belief that ‘kids like learning’ and are not made of tin or wind-up machinery.  We’ll hang in there.
[ Remember Treehorn’s mum- Type 3 – who  just said, “That’s nice, dear” and then ignored him? Too many of them, right?]
Parents have a great deal more school-based gumption and less fear than Treehorn’s mum and her friends. We’ll  do it all together, for sure..
Parents, who value their children’s education, will not allow their children to contest NAPLAN
Principals, who value their pupils’ cognitive schooling, will offer the choice to parents…..clearly and sincerely.
The Treehorn Express is dedicated to the cessation of high-stakes testing everywhere. Such fear-based testing is kleinist.  Kleinism is a New York version of fear-driven schooling which uses wide-spread blanket-testing to destroy the  reputation of teachers and schools. This weapon was forced on schools in Australia in 2009 and euphemistically called NAPLAN – an assessment!  It only  opens a door for mega-bank-rolling by known curriculum vandals for the control of school-based learning….nothing else.   It disrespects school pupils, devalues teachers’ professionalism, threatens Australia’s developmental future and is just no good.  
Phil Cullen  41 Cominan Avenue   Banora Point  Australia  2486    07 5524 6443 [Refer: “Who’s Who in Australia’]
Read about what  some Principals have done in their own time:  If you have seen the movie “Unbroken’ you’ll be fascinated by the story of Bill Belford, a friend to Weary Dunlop and Tom Uren, and a proud primary principal., 
Read some random thoughts on primary schooling:
.       Childs’ Rights are Human Rights        It’s time for democratic humanity in school education
NAPLAN….. the cash-based ideological front  of  Libs and Labs…… a contest for unnatural selection.
Kids are human being.   Kids love learning.    Kids don’t need to be forced to learn.  Kids want to achieve.
Bang-crash-wallop schooling went out with hanging and beheading and other nasty adult threat-based beliefs about learning to do as one is told.
NAPLAN – introduced by LABOR, continued by LIBS. on behalf of Rupert Murdoch….both apparently acting as neo-conservative cum neo-fascist parties, it seems, supported in silence by the Greens and PUPs……all doing as HE expects.  When did ‘Care for Kids’ change to “Let’s Make Money out of Kids”?
NAPLAN – A counter-cognitive, maverick scoring device, applicable only to small pieces of the curriculum, unexamined by serious educators, introduced to Australia in 2008.
NAPLAN Testing – The frenzy event of the year.
If you love children ,the depravity of high stakes anti-learning testing and its continuance by shameless testucators. will hurt.
NoteWhen will they ever learn?Note

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