The elephant in the room

The Elephant


In 2009, The Great Aussie Politico-Curriculator, who was in total charge of every single schooling thing, following a visit to a NY education zoo, subsequently imported monstrous elephants [mammothius gillardus] and installed one in each Australian classroom at considerable cost. The behemoths have remained mostly unnoticed for six years. Those in charge of each classroom know that they are there, but they have not been allowed to talk about them. Principals, who care more about their public position than their ethical esotericism, have been deliberately blindfolded by this maverick curmudgucator and her successors and instructed to do as they were told. Most did so as soon as they were bid, unimpeded by ethical or professional considerations , because it was the easier path. They just don’t talk about the ridiculousness of test-based schooling. It’s too esoteric. Parents have not been told of the effect that the elephants have on classroom activities, either . It’s called ‘mushrooming’. The outcomes have become calamitous…..for children.

The animal in each room has grown larger and larger and dirtied the precinct abominably, but, is now being noticed….a little. Teachers, with noses held tightly, are speaking out and asking questions in public. They’re starting to ‘bang on’. They want to get on with the job and clean out the room for learning action. The present condition of each animal is poor, even according to the maverick/arithmetical zoologists’ own standards. The learning room certainly stinks. Dumbo is failing and will pass on ….. soon.

Euthanasia has to be a undertaken. It’s urgent. The sooner the better. Fear, failure, depression, pandemic dyspepsia and congenital stupidity are incurable.

Phil Cullen [……banging on] 41 Cominan Avenue Banora Point Australia 2486 07 5524 6443

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