What if…?

What if …?    No.2
What if Julia Gillard had not shared cocktails with lawyer Joel Klein in New York in 2007?
What if Julia had supped with Diane Ravitch [Former US Assist. Secretary of Education], instead, while in the Big Apple?
What if the lady had enjoyed an ale with Marion Brady in Washington or some other fair-dinkum U.S. educator?
What if she had gone to Finland and/or called on her Kiwi Labour Party counterpart on the way home, to compare notes?
What if she had started an Australian Council for School Learning staffed by thinking school principals to run a school improvement’s program, instead of ACARA?
What if she had chosen to talk with expert school principals before she went ‘up over’?
What if school principals, even her job principals,  had told her about their ethical ‘care for kids’ standards when she came home?
What if state departments had decided to tell parents fully about their rights?
What if NAPLAN questions were made available to the general public?
What if parents were told at NAPLAN test time, through personal letter and public announcement that their children did not have to do the tests?
What if parents were told of the emotional dangers of standardised blanket testing and their impact on a child’s mental health and attitude to learning?
What if Christopher Pyne and Julia Gillard had gone to a lower-middle-class school where the emphasis was on educating the children of poor and disinterested parents ?
What if our major parties cared about kids?
What if just one decent child-oriented politician could find the spunk to make a noise in the party room about the stupidities of NAPLAN?
 What if the Greens or the PUP or some pushy independent took a serious interest?
What if Australia stuck to its commitment to the core principles of THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD ?
What if some Australian organisations developed a strong advocacy for young children at school?

One thought on “What if…?

  1. Hi Phil,

    I have asked myself most of these questions, in one for or another, for some time now too.

    In fact, ever since I read John Ralston’s ‘The Unconscious Civilisation’ in 1996 or 7 I have been aware of the creeping managerialism that is strangling so much of our civil society. I wish he would update his thinking.

    Regards, Darcy

    Darcy Moore Deputy Principal Dapto High School

    work: 02 4261 1416 fax: 02 4261 2584 mobile: 0421 143 921

    email: darcy.moore@det.nsw.edu.au blog: http://darcymoore.net/

    twitter: https://twitter.com/Darcy1968 diigo: https://www.diigo.com/user/darcymoore

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