$38.4 million for trial

Aussie Friends of Treehorn Express

NAPLAN trial faces delays

Read this.

$38.4 Million for NAPLAN 0nline Trial

Can You Believe It?

Just how crazy can a schooling system become?

Why not give the money to a few dozen jihad terrorists with free tickets to travel Australia and let them do as they wish? They can’t do as much damage as NAPLAN does.

This NAPLAN Gillard-Pyne version of evaluation already stinks to high heaven. We all know that. It’s a virulent form of bovine incontinence [rupertoid kleinitis], a disease that corrupts the cognitive development of our young. But. Big thanks to big Joe H. who won’t give the curmudgeons the money for now. Breathe again for a while, kids. We might have a principaled [sic] approach by 2016 to release you from the terror machine. My money is on principled principals. I think. I hope.

Marion Brady says….

“For millions of kids, it’s too late to undo the damage they’ve done. But if parents and other concerned citizens make enough noise, the giant, tax-wasting, kid-abusing, craft-and-profession destroying, super-standardizing, multibillion dollar testing juggernaut that’s perpetuating a stupid idea of what it means to educate and be educated, can be stopped.”

Who ever thought that Australians would ever see the day when a government would spend such an amount of money just to find out how to test some little bits of numeracy and literacy? It’s so unreal!


If only half the money could be spent on a quest to make schooling more useful, complex, real-world, theoretically sound,wide ranging, varied, scalable and effective! Marion Brady, here quoted, has been on such a search for a lifetime. So have many of us school principals. Why not try to spend the money on teaching/learning enterprises of this kind, instead of the jihad-type mutilation, New York variety? It’s lasted six hellish years down under.

I began a search that continues, a search for experience-creating activities (a) so interesting, the teacher can leave the room and nobody notices, (b) so useful, the activity’s relevance is self-evident, (c) so complex, the smartest kid in the class is intellectually challenged, (d) so real-world, perceptions of who’s smartest constantly shift, (e) so theoretically sound, the systemically integrated nature of all knowledge is obvious, (f) so wide-ranging, the activities cover the core curriculum (and much more), (g) so varied, every critical thinking skill is exercised, (h) so scalable, concepts developed on a micro level adequately model macro phenomena, (j) so effective, when the activities themselves are forgotten, their benefits are fixed permanently in memory.

Don’t despair, kids. One day.
Check: http://www.marionbrady.com/articles/2014-WashingtonPost8-1.pdf


For less than half the price, Australian trials could be run on what sort of classrooms best produces individual ‘personal bests’ in achievement in the business of life-lasting learnings….as Marion suggests; or compare our NAPLAN-based curriculum with an holistic curriculum; or just do something useful.

Can’t our ultracrepidarian sciolists manage that?* Can’t our critics from way beyond the classroom with little classroom experience turn their attention to something useful?


Listen to some parents and kids talk to the Mayor of New York
Click here. Don’t miss it.


*Did you hear about the testucated,sesquipedalic ultracrepidarian who suffered from hippopotomonstrosequipedalophobia and became discombobulated……not unlike testucator professionals.?”

Phil Cullen […..asking: “Why do we allow this sort of waste and nonsense?] 41 Cominan Avenue Banora Point Australia 2486 07 5524 6443 cphilcullen@bigpond.com

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