NAPLAN spoils attendance.

The Treehorn Express

NAPLAN Testing Causes School Absences

There is a close relationship between school attendance and scores on NAPLAN tests.

400,000 WA students can’t be wrong.

Data-collecting researchers from the University of Western Australia have revealed a close relationship between NAPLAN scores and the number of days spent at school from a recent number crunch.
“It seems there is no ‘safe’ threshold – whether the absence is caused by parents not putting a priority on schooling, old-fashioned wagging or travel.” says the The Sun-Herald editorial.

391957_10150397533961345_1382246866_nThere seems to be unequivocal evidence that if NAPLAN is banned, attendance at schoolimages will improve.

Strangely, the research conclusions are expressed the other way around.

Year 3 numeracy achievement in 2012 declined by 1.6 NAPLAN points for every unauthorised day of absence in the first two terms of school. “ [P.5 S.H.] That is serious business…and “cause for parents to consider the priority they place on education.” Yes. That’s the Year 3 level where the seven and eight year-olds vomit most, sleep less and feign more illnesses to dodge test practice and the tests themselves. The closer to mid-May, the worse things get. The malady returns every two years.

Year 1s need to watch it too. “You’re learning to show up.” warns Professor Zubrick.

Parents are blamed for taking their children away from school on holidays trips and not allowing them to be ‘educated’ properly…..well….naplaned properly. The professor cautions that pupils standing on the Eiffel Tower will not be learning everything they’d be learning back at school.

What’s French for NAPLAN?

Subsequent research should reveal how

[1] extra-time detention at school improves NAPLAN scores;

[2] the number of practice tests completed is proportionate to the score on NAPLAN;

[3] those who dream through direct instruction classes do not do well at NAPLAN tests;

[4] those children, who take NAPLAN practice books with them on holidays to Bali, do better than those who don’t…and even better than those who take them to Paris;

[5] only children from affluent families, who tend to go on holidays during school time, should stay at home;

[6] 7 and 8 year-olds who vomit at the beginning of the test, tend to do worse than those who don’t.;

[7] relaxed pre-NAPLAN sleeping escalates scores by more than 2 points; and

[8] the best NAPLAN-performance-enhancing supplements in order of efficiency.

The front page of The Sun-Herald on 3 August, 2014 reported “ A new study shows missing just one day of school has a negative impact on a student’s academic success.”

Might we suggest 12, 13 or 14 May, 2015 as the next most suitable days?


Phil Cullen [………waiting for dedicated classroom research that shows the effects of SBTs, including NAPLAN, on human feelings and enterprise.] 41 Cominan Avenue Banora Point Australia 2486 07 5524 6443

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