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New Zealand is having its election on Saturday, 20 September. The two major parties are the National Party and the Labour Party. The National Party is currently in power.

The Labour Party has released its educational policy.Click link:

 NZ Labour Party Policy

The National Party had introduced National Standards, a series of tests that have the same deleterious effect on the school curriculum as does NCLB in the U.S., Standards in the U.K., and NAPLAN in Australia. The crippling effects on each country’s curriculum direction have been profound; and has allowed various kinds of gimmickry, such as Charter Schools, to develop. Serious Kiwi educationists, proud of NZ’s great heritage in the conduct of schooling, have had enough.

The policy states that Labour will:

  • scrap National Standards and return schools’ focus back to teaching the full breadth of New Zealand’s internationally acclaimed curriculum.
  • simplify ERO reports so that parents have access to quality, reliable information on their school’s performance.
  • repeal legislation allowing for the establishment of charter schools that don’t have to employ qualified, registered teachers.

This is the first major political party in the world to express its concern about curriculum devastation caused by Standardised Blanket Testing. Wonderful news.

If your politics is non-aligned; if you care about kids at school; if you care about the mental health of children generally; you will wish the NZ Labour Party all the very best. God bless its efforts.

World educators wishes them well. There will be millions watching with fingers crossed.

Phil Cullen […..praying for NZLP] 41 Cominan Avenue Banora Point Australia 2486 07 5524 6443

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