She’s back

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She’s back

    Yes. She’s back. 

Did you get any sort of heartache or tear-jerk feeling or some kind of emotional upset when you first saw this? Did you?

It is real. IT IS NAPLAN IN ACTION. It is part of the NAPLAN doctrine….to cause stress. It’s a form of child abuse, against all basic principles of the rights of the child.

If you don’t feel upset when you look at her now, then I hope that you never become a teacher. If you are a teacher and are undisturbed by this image, do the country a favour and quit.

If you are one of those ‘tough-love’ donks….”won’t do her any harm……toughen her up….teach her what life is all about” then get off the planet. You’re a threat to society.

And yet. We [the voting public] ordinary folk won’t do anything about it. NOT A MURMUR. It’s as if average Australian citizens support an anti-child jihad designed to destroy the personal comfort and well-being of school children, as soon as they turn seven-years-of-age.

It’s real. Those who organise and run schools are more culpable than any others. Unthinking State Ministers continue to neglect their responsibilities to care for kids. They carry the can. They have the political power to cease the abuse immediately. Principals have the professional power to do much the same. They just need to say, “No more!” for pure professional reasons. Immediately. Teachers have the union power. They have to negotiate and tend to talk too much. Parents have real power. It just takes so long…one at a time saying “No!”; although they do have heaps of organisational muscle if they wish to use it.
It’s all so sad. Nobody uses the power that they have. Kids bawl their eyes out. Vomit. Don’t sleep. Don’t eat. Nobody cares.


The nastiness has a profound effect. Derek Hedgcock says that “Emotional wellbeing is the essence of beneficial learning.” “Emotions determine what we learn and what we forget”
He asks whether our benighted testucating commanders “….understand that learner variation exists across emotionally connected dimensions as a compelling, ineluctable, genetically inherited disposition…..only modified and ameliorated by nurture…..
….as opposed to coercion… one-size-fits-all assessment and instruction strategies that are morally reprehensible…. in an age when scientific discovery reveals more just and diversely accommodation alternatives for education to explore, apply and refine.”

Derek writes “Dangerous Ideas” for this week-end’s Treehorn Express. He follows Kelvin Smythe who illustrates conclusively that some terrible things have been perpetrated on children because school education has not been run in good faith; and fits with my own paper, earlier, which points out that such child-abusive operations are embedded in our culture because of the prevailing totalitarian notions of governance. The neoliberal coalition of ideologies shared by the major parties in Australia is responsible for the maintenance of these purulent coercion and threat processes, because their big-business masters want it that way – for profit – and because they do not know any other way.

They just don’t care about kids. This unfortunate little girl cries so profusely because they all want her to react this way. Fear is the essential element of NAPLAN. This image reflects what is happening to thousands and thousands of her age cohort every May….and we don’t seem to give a damn. It’s not to our credit that we allow it to continue.

Fear-based schooling in Australia is only available through the government agencies of Murdoch and Pearson.

Phil Cullen […….giving a damn] 41 Cominan Avenue Banora Point Australia 2486 07 5524 6443      http://qldprimaryp[

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