Year 3 Academics

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Year 3 Academics

The Face of NAPLAN



This is how Australia wants its seven and eight years olds treated at school. This is fear-based raw Kleinism in action. We can’t pretend that this doesn’t happen.

We adults approve of this with our silence. Enjoy it, all you ‘tough-love’ proponents. Sadists!


A journalist wrote of her friend’s daughter crying all the way through the NAPLAN tests, then went on to write how valuable the tests were to compare one school against another! YIKE!

  1. A mum told of her own daughter actually tearing her hair out during the test period.
  2. A Year 3 has been referred to the school’s Remedial Teacher with a view to repeating Year 3, because [wait for it], as her mother learned, she does not know what an adverbial clause is.
  3. A NAPLAN invigilator writes, “ You could cut the anxiety with a knife. It was thick. Maybe the school could sell tickets next year to watch the expressions of fear and trepidation. They’re real”
  4.  A teacher told me, “One tearful little fella didn’t understand the meaning of a word in the first sentence. I took a risk. I told him. Bugger it. He wouldn’t have been able to do any more if I hadn’t.”


In the clip attached to this article a mother describes her anxiety [Click here].

Make sure you watch it.

You will note that sleeplessness is endemic to all Australian schools each May.

As Sir Ken Robinson said, inter alia, in Brisbane during the week: “The real sign of success for schools is the quality of lives that teachers help cultivate – not test results.”
and “You see politicians….squaring up to themselves measuring their PISA ranking like their biceps and it’s kind of grotesque, I think.”

Most adults seem to approve of state-wide blanket testing, unaware of its shady political purpose. Pro-NAPLAN adults should be given preference in the sale of tickets to this tragic puppet-show [“NAPLAN TESTS”] at schools…to be held next May…….unless educational common-sense bans NAPLAN beforehand.

I’d be interested in more stories of NAPLAN experiences as would Literacy Educators Coalition. Send them to

Phil Cullen […..I’d rather watch some other sort of horror movie, thanks Teacher] 41 Cominan Avenue Banora Point 2486 07 5524 6443     0407865999

Before you go…..take another good, long, hard look at the face of this child……. longer….. This is reality.


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