Wake up you f…..g adults.

The Treehorn Express

I Love #@$ School Kids

I was looking at my grandson’s facebook and it was headlined “I Love Fucking Science”. Not impressed, I thought for a while about Brodie’s use of such language and scrolled down the pages. There were two other grand-children, a highly respected lady from Amsterdam and other Treehorn readers all quoting the same sentence!

It’s a facebook page started by a charming Pommy lass, Elise Andrews, now living in Canada, who loves science and started providing satirical messages from the world of Science. The messages have gone feral and there is now a TV show based on the topic. Millions of people now love science more than they ever did and are motivated to learn more about it.

I love school kids, especially primary school kids, the most neglected species on the planet, the most unloved specimens of humanity. I know that more interest would be taken in their welfare in the classroom if adults were not so indifferent. If more adults did take an interest, then the world would not entertain fear-driven standardised blanket testing devices that ruin the mental health of children, their learning capacity, their opportunity to develop their intellect no matter how different it is, and they would enjoy the world of learning as their natural instincts prefer that they do. But No. It just doesn’t happen that way. Australia for instance, maintains its NAPLAN testing even though it can’t really afford the money to do so and the adult Aussie attitude borders on general dislike for school kids and their classroom teachers. Very, very few give them a second thought. I Love Them.

Maybe a blog that is titled like the above would work! Something bold and naughty. Whoa. The obvious has overtones that the crude would notice and take advantage. Forget it.

There has to be something that get the world to take an interest in kids, perhaps in much that same way that Elise Edwards has managed….moderated….perhaps….maybe crudity works best….it wakens the couldn’t-care-less. Poor Treehorn who first shrank to unreasonable proportions and nobody noticed and has now turned to a violent green colour unnoticed, hasn’t been very persuasive just by telling adults about his misfortunate life. Help!

How about “Wake up you fucking adults!” ?

Elise Edwards, where are you when we need you? Have you any better suggestions?


Phil Cullen [……loving school kids. Lonely.] 41 Cominan Avenue Banora Point Australia 2486 07 5524 6443 0407865999 cphilcullen@bigpond.com

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