The relevance of NAPLAN.

The Treehorn Express

[Unable to be received in any state school in Queensland, Australia]

NAPLAN Testucators 7 vs LEARNING-based Educators 0

It’s a nasty contest.

Kids Suffering : 1,000,000 young Aussies per year.

Guesstimated Loss to future economy : $1,000,000+ per day.


The Relevance of NAPLAN

A NAPLAN victim asks:

Why do i have to go to school

The three-months long wasteful NAPLAN molding period in Australia finished last week. The Budget and Gonski claimed more interest at the time. Yes, NAPLAN, by its very nature, generates economic and intellectual desecration, but it didn’t get much of a mention. (Joe Hockey kept his Year 3 child home from school on the first day. Canny bloke. He know what’s best for the little one.)

Learning-based educators throughout Australia now hope that the cruel and nasty toxic molding disappears from schools as quickly as the money allocated to states disappeared on Budget Day. Maybe kids will now be released from the pathological attacks on their mental health well before the next –2015- round of zombic molding testocracy. There is now a better chance of state money being reallocated to school learning …. and the NAPLAN Circus closed down.

There can be no whinging from educators about allocations to states while states waste so much money – many millions – on useless testing. To keep spending it on wasteful mumbo-jumbo while the rest of the population tightens its belts and kids continue to suffer just doesn’t make sense.

Thoughtful state politicians and treasury officials will have to choose. The $80billion usually allocated to education and health by the federal government is no more. State treasuries and education departments will have to think seriously about what is important and what is not. Bye NAPLAN.

The news is good, Kids.

Let LEARNACY prevail.


Phil Cullen […..for kids.] 41 Cominan Avenue Banora Point 2486 07 5524 6443 0407865999

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