T-Shirts for Sale.

The Treehorn Express

……for kids

{Sincere thanks to Mary E Mackay, American teacher located in Amsterdam, for supplying this material}



There must be a firm somewhere in Australia who likes children enough to reproduce these sort of t-shirts with its logo on it; and prepared to spread them as far as possible….so that the general public will start to wonder what is really going on in our schools? Most adults don’t really know and school authorities prefer to keep them in the mushroom dark. How about we send this email to as many as possible in the hope that some firm will take the initiative. It might not be possible to produce them before NAPLAN time : May 13,14,15 in Australia; but they will, eventually,encourage the general public to take a keener interest into what is happening in our schools.


opt out
These shirts were a product of the OPT Out Oklahoma organisation. I imagine that a serious minded Australian firm, either involved in the education business or interested in helping school children would willingly produce similar t-shirts without breeching copy-right standards or piracy rules.

Maybe schools can make their own. Why not? They’d be popular at the annual fete or sporting event.

Please spread the idea. The public must learn more…somehow. We have to talk OUT LOUD.

A.    Do you believe that children are being treated with sincere humanity or just being used to gather scores? What’s your credo?
B.    Do you trust your child’s teacher to help him or her to learn without threats? Our public school teachers are truly outstanding. The world prefers them in their schools.
C.    We tend to follow the old British Grammar School traditions for our schooling. We don’t need to. It just happened; and public neighbourhood schooling has superior advantages.
D.    May the crutches of those who now use our school children for financial gain, become infested with the lice of a thousand camels and may their arms be too short to scratch.

May all the above be attended-to as soon as possible.


Don’t forget to do something.
Phil Cullen [….for kids’ sake] 41 Cominan Avenue Banora Point Australia 2486 07 5524 6443 cphilcullen@bigpond.com


2 thoughts on “T-Shirts for Sale.

  1. Phil, What a great idea. Do you know the Get Up! Organisation? I suggest you send an email to them with a copy of the T Shirt and outline your idea of printing the T Shirt. They are alert to some of the current education concerns. They might be interested in promoting them.


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