The short story of NAPLAN

Aussie Friends of Treehorn

For the sake of kids.,, in deepest sympathy for those contemporary colleagues who aren’t allowed to enjoy the passion of achievement-based learnacy.

– – –

The Short Story of Naplan


Kevin 07, splendid P.M. that he was, new to the job in 2007, wanted his revolution stamp on everything:


“Get something, Julia, to straighten out those lazy teachers and make them force the kids to get better scores on PISA tests.”

“ No problem Kevie. I’ll find something. I’m off the USA in June. Maybe Dubbya will let us borrow one of its schemes. They have plenty.”

June 27, 2008…Momentous Day for Australia…

Julia Gillard met Joel Klein at a Carnegie Corporation cocktail party in New York.

Where else does one learn all about education, school evaluation and accountability?

“I’ll have that! That’s a scheme that will  grind them into doing what I want.”

“That you, Kevie? Got one.  Name’s Joel Klein. Works for Rupert. I’ll get him to come down to talk to our sponsors.”

…and so it all began.


And  Joel came  down under….




“It’s in! Didn’t take long. It’s just the thing. I’ll discuss things with our school principals….just tell them what I expect.

“Okay!  Won’t they forbid its use on professional grounds?”  

  “So what! Just let them try.”


And education associations conferred…. and conferred….and still think about things in general.


While….back at the ranch…..





























Phil Cullen, […..for kids] 41 Cominan Avenue   Banora Point  Australia 2486   07 5524 6443

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