Enforcing Autonomy

Aussie Friends of Treehorn

with the need for a laugh.


Enforcing Autonomy

The friends of NAPLAN , Charter [aka IPS] schools and ‘please tell me what to do’ Autonomy, may have been displeased when they watched “Micallef: Mad as Hell” on Wednesday, 5 March 2014. It was the ABC after all, whom we are encouraged to dislike.

This clip lasts for about 29 minutes. For those who may feel offended before they watch it, might I recommend that you start viewing at the 19.22 mark and cease when a young lady uses a naughty word [or before if you can!]. It was the education section of the program. I must confess to enjoying the section on ‘Enforcing Autonomy’ and the section on education expert, Loo Loo Magoo’s [?] visit to a school. Talk about LOL.


If this sort of program seems to suggest that schooling in Australia is becoming a big crazy joke…..well….


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