Media and Schooling Control.


Media and Schooling Control

Overseas readers may not know that Australia’s most respected politician is not the leader of the ruling party. The ruling party is called Liberal, which it isn’t. It’s ultra-conservative and represents big-business. Labor, the major opposition party, is, despite the spelling, supposed to represents the ordinary folk, which it doesn’t. It’s conservative and represents business.

Malcolm Turnbull, highly respected member of the Liberal Party, [sometimes called a ‘moderate’] occasionally strays from his party’s control. As Minister for Communications, he has told his conservative party colleagues that he is not “the minister for right-wing communications.” You tell ‘em, Malcolm.

Last week, he helped in the launch of a fledgling newspaper called The Saturday Paper, whose rich owner, Morry Schwartz, plans to run the paper for profit; and tell all news items of interest. Now, that’s an innovative media move for Australia!

 Mr. Turnbull said to Mr. Schwartz [Click] “You are not some demented plutocrat pouring more and more money into a loss-making venture that is just going to peddle your opinions.”

Later, Mr. T emphasised that he was not talking about Mr. Rupert Murdoch, as many thought, but about William Randolph Hearst of megamaniacal Citizen Kane fame.


Of course. You check it! I said recently in a local publication that “KRM has his way [in Australia]….and….testing is big, big money. Compliance comes easy down under.” I was suggesting, of course, that Australian teachers work for him. Well! He seems to be more in control of Australia than any political party or parliament.

 Can’t get out of it now, can I? I said it.

Its’ all still a mystifying business.

 Who and what controls schooling down under? Profit? Bang-crash-wallop political ideology? Testucation? Compulsory Education? Learning?

What is schooling, Aussie-style? Copy-cat based? Testing based? Learning based?

Anything unique about it? Who cares?

 How’s the scores going?

______________________Thanks Rupert_____________________

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