Learnacy or Lunacy? A thought.

 Refer: TIME magazine cover story. The Infinity Machine  February 17, 2014
Aussie Friends of Treehorn
For true believers in Learning and Social Justice for kids.
The present pursuit of SBT-aka-NAPLAN testing results by inexperienced and thoughtless testucators will keep Australia in the horse-and-buggy age for the next century.
The D-wave age, for want of a better description of the unknowable future, demands a population of thinkers with the capacity to calculate and express themselves at a level never known before. For a country to progress, learnacy – learning HOW – mustreplace the fallacy of fear as a motivational force in the classrooms of now.
THINKING is a first step. Our thinking. Adult thinking. Just think! How do learners with an endless array of social and intellectual differences, within the present-day kind of classroom setting, react to the prescriptive modes that teachers are forced to provide and the pressure to do well on useless, invalid, unreliable. immoral tests ?  This type of  SBT/English Grammar School ideology is providing dreadful outcomes…..at least no progress of any known kind has resulted in Australia… only stress and sickness and family disruption.
2014 is a crucial year for THOUGHT.
What are the best ways of sponsoring higher achievements in the basics and of enlivening the challenge to always try to do better?
NAPLAN has been a gigantic flop on both fronts..
If a curriculum is a description of what ought to happen in classrooms, as many think it is, will the current ‘curriculum’ Review in Australia give us the chance to examine the effects of the NAPLAN-based curriculum on current classroom processes?  Too many educators seem to believe that its recommendations will merely reflect the ideology of the leading political party.
I hope not.
I have more faith than that.
Why does this country  leave the control of its future to one political party power-figure, as it did to Nelson, Gillard, Garret and Pyne, each of whom has steadfastly maintained, during the past six years of Naplanics,  disdain for effective learnacies, misunderstood the reasons for genuine pupilling; and never ever shown respect for kids as kids.
2014 is  a very crucial year for thinking.
Phil Cullen, 41 Cminan Avenue   Banora Point Australia 2486   07 5524 6443   cphilcullen@bigpond.com

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