Happy Days

Aussie Friends of Treehorn 

Read by adults who worry about impact of the NAPLAN-based Curriculum on their children’s development.



Enjoy the day, kids.


 Shouldn’t this photo be the other way around? Children returning to the endless excitement and wonder and thrill of learning …of achieving…well….shouldn’t they?

 Best wishes to Year Ones. You will learn more and achieve more during your first two years of school than you will ever again.

 When you reach Year 3, however, you will be pressed into the games that adults play. At age 7 in early Year 3, you will start to be measured, tested, judged, compared according to some adults’ view of schooling. This will last for ten years.

 You will think, at times, that school is hell and that adults don’t want you to enjoy learning.

 They really don’t mean it. One day, they will grow up.


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