Treehorn Express: New York Control

Treehorn Express


New York is where Rupert Murdoch lives and rules his world-wide testing empire. New York is where Joel Klein, the prophet of fear-based schooling and stern instruction lives; and runs Murdoch’s billion dollar testing industry for him.

New York is where Julia Gillard found Joel Klein and subsequently introduced his schooling system based on NAPLAN testing to Australia. He continues to exert his control.

You know that……don’t you? New York is our holy land.

Even Pearson, the British education testing conglomorate whose earnings in 2011 were $US 1.5 billion is moving some of its avaricious enterprises to New York. That’s where the testing money is. Teacher Performance now. [Watch our Punch-us Pilot Pyne get on to this!]

 “Starting in May 2014, Pearson Education will take over teacher certification in New York State as a way of fulfilling the state’s promised “reforms” in its application for federal Race to the Top money. The evaluation system known as the Teacher Performance assessment or TPA was developed at Stanford University with support from Pearson, but it will be solely administered and prospective teachers will be entirely evaluated by Pearson and its agents.’

New York is, also, where Diane Ravitch lives. She is a Professor at New York University, a highly respected opponent of the use of high-states testing in schools that is organised and manipulated by the growing, greedy money-making test industry. She is super-active in trying to persuade the parents and teachers of the world to reject the curse of Standardised Blanket Testing. She appeals to basic common sense and education knowledge of children’s learning. It’s a tough job.

 {Isn’t it a crazy world when one considers that Standardised Blanket Testing degrades children’s spirits and learning potential everywhere and yet there is such a hullabaloo !}

She recently pleaded with each of us to share a short video clip with as many people as possible in the hope that the clip  would go feral.

If you have a soft spot for kids, I do hope that you will share this video clip with as many people as possible and make sure that it is shared around schools down under; with colleagues in our work places and with as many friends as possible. It needs to go feral. It’s parents and kids talking. If it doesn’t convince you, you’re a real basket case.

There are so many reasons for the Murdoch inspired mega-maniacal greed for money now ruining the human spirit of learners in schools everywhere to cease. While Australian politicians fight like Kilkenny cats over money [Gonski money], there’s not a bleat about the social injustices being perpetrated on our children nor about the assault on their aspirations. It’s all such crazy stuff. The introduction of NAPLAN was a dumb explosion on our wits. It not only created classroom chaos, but it shut everybody up.

Here’s some reasons why NAPLAN must go. None should be treated lightly. You tick the reasons that you think apply.



I hate NAPLAN because it

__ causes sleeplessness. __ makes children sick ___ makes children cry ___ causes vomiting ___makes children freeze ___frightens children ___causes bullying ___makes children hate maths & language arts ___causes dislike of school ___makes children feel inadequate.



___ It degrades the human spirit ___It belittles teachers’ ethics ___ Holistic schooling disappears

___ It takes months of preparation ___It narrows the curriculum seriously ___It turns children off learning

___ It assaults the cognitive domain ___Professional ethics disappear ___ Eichmannism prevails

___ It narrows the curriculum seriously ___It provides a gateway for gimmick education ___ Test scores never improve much

___ Mediocrity becomes the focus ___Failures rather than successes are highlighted ___ 3 days wasted, sweating over invalid tests

___ Endorses cheating at all levels

Give this survey to your local school teachers to see what they think.


Phil Cullen 41 Cominan Avenue Banora Point 2486 07 55246443

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