Friends of Treehorn: Freedom to Learn.

Friends of Treehorn

Freedom to Learn

Take another good look at this clip, you gutless followers of Klein and his kind, you supporters of NAPLAN and its evil. You crazed testucators.

There is no place in modern society for the kind of abuse of children as revealed by the kind of treatment shown in this clip. Imagine if little seven-year-old Year 3s had been able to express their fear and distress, as the Year 9s were able to do!

Imagine how much better our schools would be if they had been allowed to develop their freedom to learn and if our teaching groups had not been so completely eichmannised during the 2008-2012 period.

Imagine how much better our schools would be if our news organisations were allowed to speak out – as Channel 9 did.

Listen again to Klein’s reasons for imposing this Standardised Blanket Testing [SBT] regime of the NAPLAN kind on unfortunate New York kids, you adherents to and distributors of NAPLAN’s dirty business….

  1. Teachers who cannot obtain decent scores on ridiculous tests are sacked. [This – from a bloke who can’t even describe schooling activities in school-speak terms. The hero of our ‘professional’ groups!]
  2. Children must be stressed and distressed because that is a part of living….according to Klein. It is intended! Child abuse is an integral part of the Klein-Gillard-Pyne NAPLAN notion of learning and it has lasted in Australia for five years .

Ye Gods. Australians believe in him! What have we done?


From “Bitter Schools” to “Better Schools”.

NAPLAN has to go if the ‘Better Schools’ program is to succeed. How can we get rid of it and get on track?

Take a look again at the 60Minutes program before the Murdoch zone of media silence is re-installed. Look at those wonderful Aussie teachers featured in the program, who are prepared to speak out in public. The numbers of fair dinkum Aussie educators prepared to say their piece, is growing. They need more of their child-concerned friends from professional and industrial organisations to join them and rescind any support for NAPLAN. God bless the ladies who appeared.

NAPLAN must be banned entirely. It can be eliminated by the end of this year. Dismiss the bulldust that ‘it is useful and can be modified’. You know that that is the coward’s way out and that it would continue to inhibit proper learning….and that such inanities will NOT remove the kind of abuse illustrated by 60Minutes.

If the Australian Primary Principals’ Association [APPA] and/or the Australian Secondary Principals’ Association [ASPA] or any other large body conferenced on ‘The Morality of Standardised Blanket Testing’ or ‘The Rights of Children at School’ or ‘Blanket Testing and Professional Ethics’, and conducted such a conference in a spirit of independent professionalism [i.e. No Murdochters from ACARA, ACER or his political reps from the Wehrmacht. ] the complete banning would be a ‘lay-down misere’. Put simply, there is no need for NAPLAN to exist. True professional teachers know this.

While the complete banning of the dirty [Yes] testing program would be the normal outcome under normal democratic circumstances, we cannot expect that sort of thing for some time.

Coercive political lawyer control of schooling with big-time corporate support is too pervasive at this time.

  1. The APPA and ASPA could declare that they can no longer support NAPLAN on professional grounds. Teachers are expected to impose levels of stress beyond the normal on young children aged 7 – 15 years of age; and principals are expected to create the circumstances.
  2. The Australian Education Union [AEU] could declare that it can no longer support the forms of child abuse attached to NAPLAN. Its members are too tolerant and have been Gonski-diverted.
  3. The Association of State School Parents Association [ASSPA] could also declare that they do not support the kind of child abuse inflicted on our children by NAPLAN testing nor will they tolerate the mandated, forced, deliberately hidden nature of NAPLAN.
  4. There is a likelihood that some children will suffer permanent mental damage from the kind of preparation that NAPLAN tests demand and from the rituals of its administration. It can be expected that some parents will test the probable breach of the Rights of the Child as declared by UNESCO; and the use of wilful blindness [legal] techniques to hide such rights from public scrutiny

If any of these circumstances occur, the abuse of our children’s mental health AND the abuse of the teaching profession’s ethical base will cease. Let’s make it ASAP.

 The Good News:

Australian teachers have started to reclaim the moral, ethical backbone of the profession’s ethics. Once the greatest of the caring professions, it had, temporarily, lost its way. We will regain our pride.

Phil Cullen, [No.83], 41 Cominan Avenue, Banora Point 2486 07 5524 6443


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