Aussie Elections. Vote Murdoch

A vote for any of the major parties will ensure:
1. Kleinist [aka fear-based] schooling will continue.
2. Child-centred forms of learning will be disapproved by political leaders.
3. Hard-nosed didactic teaching  strategies will be enforced.
4. Judgements of teaching ability will be made by numbers.
5. Test scores will distinguish ‘good’ and ‘bad’ teachers, classes, schools, systems and countries
6. Direct Instruction techniques will not require any lengthy academic teacher preparation.
7. Use of unreliable, invalid and malleable tests such as NAPLAN and PISA will be extended.
8. Ethical principles of educational administration will continue to be overlooked.
9. Educational progress will continue to be expressed in money terms and test scores.
10. Private and charter schooling will grow and grow.

Sorry kids.

I value my franchise and don’t give my vote to those who ignore child welfare..

It’s informal for me.

Phil Cullen

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